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Brown, Holland vie for District 3 Kansas Senate seat



November 1, 2012

The gloves came off early in the campaign between state Sen. Tom Holland and state Rep. Anthony Brown for the 3rd State Senate District.

Holland, a Democrat from Baldwin City, and Brown, a Republican from Eudora, have tangled over school finance, tax cuts and safety issues along Kansas Highway 10.

A 2011 traffic fatality on K-10 spurred local advocacy for cable median barriers to be placed along certain sections of K-10. Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson said when the community sought help from the Legislature, Holland answered the request and Brown didn’t.

“He basically left us high and dry,” Hopson said of Brown.

But Brown said he worked “tirelessly” behind the scenes with Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration, and he accused Holland of trying to politicize a tragedy. Brown has provided a July letter from Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Mike King, who thanked Brown “for your ongoing concern to see this project through.” King was appointed secretary by Brownback in March.

But former KDOT Secretary Deb Miller, who served from 2003 through 2011, said Holland and Eudora Mayor Hopson “were involved from start to finish in the discussions that led to the installation of new safety barriers in the highway median. Rep. Anthony Brown simply was not.”

In response, Brown said that after a bill pushed by Holland to set up a safety corridor on K-10, where fines would have been increased, failed to gain traction in the Legislature, Brown then worked with the governor’s staff to get the median cables.

Another local issue has sparked controversy. During a debate, Brown said that two Eudora school board members told him that state cuts to school funding were positive because they allowed the district to get rid of some “dead weight” in the district.

But Brown has refused to identify the school board members, and all of the board members denied Brown’s claim.

On the wider issue of state school finance, Holland said the Brownback tax cuts that Brown voted for will decimate education funding in future years.

But Brown has said the tax cuts will help grow the economy and put more money in the hands of Kansans.

The state is decreasing its individual income tax rates for 2013, with the top rate dropping to 4.9 percent from 6.45 percent. Also, the state will exempt the owners of 191,000 partnerships, sole proprietorships and other businesses from income taxes.

Overall, the Legislature’s research staff projects the tax cuts will create collective budget shortfalls approaching $2.5 billion over the next six years. Public school education makes up about half of the state budget.

Brown is among the group of conservative Republicans in the Legislature backed by Brownback, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, the billionaire Koch brothers and groups affiliated with them, and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Meanwhile, Holland has been endorsed by the Kansas National Education Association, the MainStream Coalition, Kansas Citizens for Higher Education, Economic Lifelines and Independence Inc.

Brown has occasionally generated controversy through his comments.

In a 2011 debate on an amendment to cut more spending from the budget, Brown urged a “yes” vote, saying, “I personally believe we were called here by my creator. I wasn’t called to be mediocre. I was called to be great.”

At a January 2011 Lawrence Chamber of Commerce breakfast, Brown was critical of Lawrence for being too liberal.

The 3rd Senate District covers eastern Douglas County, including the southern portion of Lawrence, Baldwin City, Eudora and western Leavenworth County.

Candidate profiles:

Anthony Brown-R

Age: 43

Occupation: Carpenter/self-employed contractor

Married: Yes

Children: Six

Religion: Catholic

Education: Bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Emporia State University

Experience: State representative, first elected in 2004. Taught school for four years before a career change to carpentry

Quote: “The issue I’m most concerned about is getting Kansas families on the right track economically.

Tom Holland-D

Age: 51

Occupation: State senator; owner and president of Holland Technologies, an information technology and professional services firm

Married: Wife, Barbara

Children: Four

Religion: Member of Plymouth Congregational Church

Education: Bachelor of Science in business administration from Indiana University, 1983; Master of Business Administration from University of Minnesota, 1987

Experience: Elected to the Kansas House in 2002; serving three terms before being elected to Kansas Senate in 2008. Democratic candidate for governor in 2010 but lost to Republican Sam Brownback

Quote: “The state needs to restore funding to K th


1776attorney 5 years, 6 months ago

Mr. Rothschild. Your biased, hit-piece propoganda gets very tiresome. It is no wonder your newspaper is on the verge of going out of business.

Your article is a repeat of a propaganda piece you posted in the Signal 3 weeks ago. Nothing new and still the same unethical, shameful journalism techniques.

I don't particularily care for either Mr. Holland or Mr. Brown. Mr. Holland visited my home in Baldwin City and "strained and sweated" to convince me he was a "moderate Democrat" (his words), which was laughable. When he could see I didn't believe his tall tail, he walked off.

Mr. Brown on the other hand doesn't seem to be sufficiently accomplished yet in life to represent the district or taxpayers. Given time he may one day be.

What we don't need as voters is a hack-written, propaganda article that is meant to dishonestly sway voters to Mr. Rothschild's sweetheart candidate, Mr. Holland.

Had Mr. Rothschild attempted to follow journalistic ethics and good journalism, he would have researched and interviewed those state government officials or taxpayers who claim Mr. Brown did, in fact, work towards the K-10 highway improvements. But, of course, being unbaised and ethical would ruin his propaganda.

That's known as "balanced reporting". Informing the readers and letting the readers form their own impressions and decisions.

The Mayor of Eudora is no spokesperson for good government. He is a known leftwinger who has caused numerous problems and disruptions in his city through bad governance.

Deb Miller is a partisan.

Leave the good voters of this district and Baldwin City free to make their own educated, mature and independent voting decisions.


Nathaniel Johnson 5 years, 6 months ago

There is no question that this article is colored by the publishers/ author's bias. Having said that though I think that it is worth trying to understand who is buying this election and why.

It is no surprise that Kansas, a Republican bastion, makes a great place to test out new political ideas and see how well they fly. I like that idea and Kansas has produced more than its share of great politicians and ideas. I do, however, happen to dislike the intentions of the current John Birch Society Libertarians. Some people may confuse this group with traditional conservative Republicans, but it extends far beyond what you may know. Sorry another link :-(

The guys funding Anthony Brown's campaign are sons of one of the founding member's of the JBS.

The Kansas State budget shows that funds come primarily from personal income tax (3 billion) and sales tax (2.7 billion). That money plus some misc income is then spent in a budget of almost 6 billion of which almost half goes to schools and around a third to something called human services which is medicaid (health insurance for low income) and SRS (I guess, in a word, welfare).

The Governor recently submitted a budget that makes dramatic cuts in the State's primary source of income (income tax). He did this without showing where the money will be cut but it is pretty obvious where it has to be cut from. The cuts in SRS and medicaid will be trivial since federal mandates require certain expenditures and we receive a bunch of matching dollars for those programs anyway. That leaves schools and that is why this election is so important. The Republican party is currently split among moderates (like me) and conservatives (like Anthony Brown). Democrats have been joining with the moderate Republicans to create a majority to defeat many of the experimental policies of the current Governor. Sam Brownback is no Scott Walker and his attempts to cut taxes are either going to lead to large deficit spending or a huge reduction in State's spending on education. Districts in populated areas with large property tax bases (Johnson County, Lawrence, Wichita, Topeka, KCK) will be largely unaffected but districts like ours will be heavily affected. What is preventing this from happening is the slim majority held by moderate Republicans and their unlikely allies, Democrats. Anthony Brown is an important key in the governor's strategy because he already defeated the moderate Republican in the primary. That's why your mailboxes are filling up 10-1 with pro-Anthony Brown literature.


Bulldog1 5 years, 6 months ago

I'm voting Brown. Good man. Pro-life! Congratulations to the BHS cross country teams on their performance at the State Meet last Saturday. The boys finished a very respectalbe 5th and had some great performances from a young group this year. The girls brought home another trophy finishing 3rd! The girls look strong and will be contenders again next year! Sorry I had to write this on your story but there wasn't a CC story to post this on.iI believe this is a more postive post and hopefully won't be deleted. Though my last one was pure facts so I'm not sure why it was deleted.


greyghost 5 years, 6 months ago

You are voting against your own interests.
Abortion is a social issue that has nothing to do with your interests. It is a red herring. If you like abortion, don't get one--actually, you should consider yourself lucky that you don't have to make such a decision.
Sports page is in a different section.


Nathaniel Johnson 5 years, 6 months ago


I am sorry to be so blunt as I probably know you personally being as my daughter is on the CC team ( a slow but diligent runner) and I usually sign my posts so I will take a chance and hope that you take this in the spirit of a concerned voter and not some nasty jerk. I can be both.

I just wrote several paragraphs describing why Anthony Brown is a bad choice for anyone who believes in Baldwin schools, especially those who like extras like sports and band. Anthony Brown is anti-public school. That he is pro-life and that makes him a good choice is about the most bizarre thing I could hear. A pro-life former Marine? I can speak with special insight on this topic being as I too am a former Marine (even the same job he had). Marines are pro-death. We start off our careers singing "Napalm sticks to babies", not that we use napalm much anymore, its far better to drop a few dozen HE rounds then follow it on with White Phosphorus gas and ignite. What we call a "shake and bake". From day one in the Marine Corps you are indoctrinated into the most vicious cult of death on the planet. Not that I am ashamed of it, just keeping it all in perspective. Pro Life Marine LOL.

Nathaniel Johnson


EFHutton 5 years, 6 months ago


Your arguments appear to be based frequently on ad hominem attacks. You, of all people, should realize how fallacious such reasoning is.

Specifically on this post, do you have any evidence, besides your own personal opinion, that "Deb Miller is a partisan"?


1776attorney 5 years, 6 months ago

In journalism and under the journalistic Code of Ethics it is incumbent upon the journalist to present the "facts" in an unbiased and informational manner. The "Comments Sections" are solely for reader's "opinions".


NanCrisp 5 years, 6 months ago

I'm 100% behind anyone who pushes for responsible, unbiased journalism. I'm appalled at that which passes for journalism today. It's mostly nothing but marketing designed, either carefully or carelessly, to shape public opinion. A "free press" (i.e. media) should promote truth and act as a buffer against those who would editorialize and bend facts to influence outcomes. What we have today, instead, is a complicated jumble of public relations specialists posing as journalists, each attempting to warp fact and fiction into something people will believe. It's a travesty.

All that said, I'm also nearly 100% behind Tom Holland. Because I cannot trust "journalists" to give us straight facts and let us make our own informed decisions, I examine the real records of these politicians. Just the facts, and my own interpretation of what the facts show. For me, the facts on Tom Holland show that, while he does have a Democratic framework for his work in State government, he has always worked very diligently to represent all of his constituents. When I look at someone who is "towing the Party line," I see someone who is disengaged from the people in the district, just pursuing their agenda(e) with blinders on. We've had a few such representatives in our district, in both the House and the Senate. But Tom is not one of them. Other than the debacle that overcame him when he threw in his hat for governor and was forced (by public relations handlers) to become a DNC mouthpiece, his track record looks very commendable to me.

I am an avowed and lifelong Independent. And Tom Holland is one of the best representatives in government that I have seen on either side of the aisle.


Goldie 5 years, 6 months ago

This is not an article about the candidates it is an OPED by a liberal "reporter". Why does the signal allow garbage like this in the paper. Count me in for Brown


EFHutton 5 years, 6 months ago


Thanks for your clarification on this matter. I didn't think you had any evidence.


1776attorney 5 years, 6 months ago

Petty, snarky, bitter and misguided "Comments" don't exactly lend credence to your "opinions". Perhaps you can't understand what it is the I explained, "the Comments Section" is for reader's opinions. Reader don't do reporting.

And for your information, Deb Miller, was a Sebelius appointee. Spend any time in Topeka and we all know her appointment was solely for like-minded political reasons. Sebelius appointed her cronies and Brownbeck appoints his.

So don't pretend that Ms. Miller was not appointed because she and Sebelius were cronies and she has a bias against Mr. Brown.

Had Mr. Rothschild been an ethical and unbiased journalist, he would have taken the time to search out, interview and quote Mr. Brown's supporters and validators of his K-10 work. Then the author would have fairly presented both sides and let the readers/voters make their own decisions having read all opinions.

Mr. Rothschild is a known propogandist. He is blasted regularily in the Lawrence Journal-World for his slimy, biased, leftist propoganda.

Now Mr. Rothschild is attempting to spread his propoganda in our city.


thtb 5 years, 6 months ago

1776 and Goldie,

Typical right-wing nut cases attacking the so-called "Liberal Media" hyperbole. Needless to say that there are not a lot of arguments/logic supporting your case because you are spending your time attacking a journalist without consulting facts or evidence.



Goldie 5 years, 6 months ago

Oh good another moonbat liberal trying to prop up Rothschilds urinalistic talent. Let me guess you're a kool-aide drinking Democrat. Put on your tin foil hat and go tell everyone how unfair life is and all the rest of that liberal tripe. Have a nice day !


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