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Driver’s license renewal marathon continues

July 18, 2012

The saga of my attempt to obtain a renewal of my driver’s license continued. At 7 a.m. July 3, I walked in the door of the license bureau in Ottawa. Two employees were already hard at work. I presented a note from Topeka, saying I had visited my eye doctor in Lawrence, passed the eye test and all was OK. I showed my renewal license — sent to me in Texas from Topeka. I also presented a copy of my eye exam stating I had passed the eye test.

Previously, I had sent the original to Topeka. No rules stated Ottawa must have the original. I explained this was my third attempt to obtain my renewal. I also told the employee I had a severe pain in my jaw and must get to my dentist in Baldwin for an antibiotic. Months ago, I visited a dentist in Texas, and an antibiotic apparently healed the infection. After numerous X-rays, I was advised to visit an oral surgeon in Texas if the infection did not clear up. It did and I was fine until in reappeared July 3. Dentists do not usually begin work at 6 a.m., therefore I decided to go to Ottawa to renew my license. After all, it was only 6 a.m., and surely I would be back in Baldwin pronto with my renewal license in hand. Wrong.

First, I was asked for my eye exam. I handed over my copy. Ottawa must have the original; not a copy. I explained the situation to the pleasant attendant, who immediately began a more than hourlong endeavor to email Topeka. Apparently, everyone was in a meeting. An hour passed; my jaw was becoming painful. I was seated at a table and could rest my forehead on my crossed arms. A number of people hopefully came in and were seated in chairs facing me across the room. Time passed, and I asked for a sheet of paper, which was supplied. I then addressed the room. “I am writing ‘Do Not Resuscitate.’ I expect a long wait. This is your government not working for you.”

Topeka was finally contacted, and Ottawa was advised to call my optometrist in Lawrence and request them to email my eye exam to Ottawa. The request was made, but the exam could not be sent unless I drove to Lawrence and signed a medical information release form. The problem was resolved.

Not so fast. Ottawa could not divulge their email number for security reasons. However, after numerous phone consultations, the information could be sent to Topeka, and they would forward the information to Ottawa. My picture was taken and I was on my way to the dentist with my aching jaw. As readers may recall, the day was blistering hot. The powers that be had advised the elderly to take heat precautions. I am very elderly. I returned home without my new driver’s license, but Dr. Leiszler, my dentist, prescribed an antibiotic.

Saturday night at 2 p.m. my room air-conditioner went kaput. It was a hot time in my old home. Sunday morning I called my gem of a handyman, Mike Davis, who quickly restored my air unit. I completed the antibiotic regime. My infection eventually cleared up, in spite of the fact that I drove in intense heat to Ottawa and waited until 3 p.m. for an antibiotic. I am sad to say I have not yet achieved my objective — the renewal of my license. The U.S. mail still exists — I hope.


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