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Baldwin City Council receptive to sculptors’ public art proposal

Baldwin City Hall

Baldwin City Hall

July 3, 2012

The Baldwin City Council has agreed to discuss with sculptors a proposal to create statues in downtown Baldwin City or its parks.

City Administrator Chris Lowe told the Baldwin City Council on Monday that representatives of the Kansas Sculptors Association approached Sandy Cardens, secretary and gallery director of the Lumberyard Arts Center, about bringing a public art project to Baldwin City. The association had a show featuring the work of its members last year at the Lumberyard.

In the program, sculptors with the association come to Kansas cities to create pieces at no cost, except the price of the stone and their lodging while in the community.

Lowe said the sculptors could create a work to fit a setting as small as Tom Swain Park or as large as the park near the swimming pool.

Enhancing the arts in the community, particularly downtown, was one of the topics the council discussed in recent workshops. Council members agreed Monday the request would be a good fit with that effort and gave Lowe direction to further discuss the proposal with the association.

Mayor Ken Wagener suggested the Lumberyard board members be involved in those discussions as a way for the city to broaden its partnership with that board.

Councilwoman Bonnie Plumberg said the Community Development Committee she chairs met with the Lumberyard board last month to learn what the its mission was. The visioning discussions and last year’s report on tourism pointed to the potential of the unfinished theater in the Lumberyard in drawing visitors to the city.

In response from a question from Jason Mock, Plumberg said possible financial aid from the city to the Lumberyard was discussed at the meeting.


Stacy Napier 5 years, 11 months ago

I would like some financial aid too. I can promote tourism to the city by having my firends come and stay at my house if the city will pay my light bill and finish my basement so they have a place to stay.

Stop giving handouts. Lower my taxes.


BaldwinDad 5 years, 11 months ago

Agreed....while I value the arts as much as the next if Mrs. Plumberg wants to do it then get private not taxpayer funds to do it with, same goes with financial aid to the lumberyard arts center.


1776attorney 5 years, 11 months ago

Great idea, bad conceptualization. While artwork in the city is certainly worthly, expending taxpayer monies on this project is not.

I'll repeat again at how desparate the center city area is for proper street work, curbing and lighting improvements. It appears that all other areas of Baldwin City are doing great with new curbing and streets while the original areas of the city are totally neglected. And this is not going unnoticed by the citizens living in Baldwin City proper. This "majority" is almost to the point of having had enough of the neglect.

Secondly, it is long overdue for a city program of gradually repairing and renovationg the historic downtown brick streets.

As a side note, the city employees are very good people. I've never encountered a single one who was not friendly or helpful.

During times of economic downturns, households and business economize and streamline their operations to survive. This is something that USD 348, and to a lesser extent, the City of Baldwin City, have failed to grasp.

In a 4 block area of my centrally located neighborhood, comprising 32 homes, 7 are for sale. One house is forelcosed on and 6 owners are selling because of sky high property taxes, lack of street and neighborhood maintenance, or employment issues. That represents 22% (1 out of 5) homes being put on the sales market. This is not a healthy economic sign.

If Ms. Plumberg would like to promote artwork within the city, then great. But city funding is out until we see new curbing, run-off guttering and streets (that are properly alligned and leveled) around the 15 block center area of Baldwin City.

Conceiving creative ways to flaunt taxpayers monies in time of recession, and when the mill levy for Baldwin City is the HIGHEST in the whole county, is not skilled management, but a general lack of business sense and respect for taxpayers.


Stacy Napier 5 years, 11 months ago

new curbing??? I would settle for pavement. We do still have gravel streets in this town you know.


Goldie 5 years, 11 months ago

Yes because Baldwin needs to be a disfunctional clone of Lawrence. Geez how soon can we run this bunch out of office.


hyperinflate 5 years, 11 months ago

Spring of 2013 positions occupied by Councilmembers Farmer and Plumberg are up for election. The Mayor position is also up for election.


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