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Baldwin wrestlers place fifth in own tournament

Tucker Clark (right) wrestles Basehor-Linwood's Antonio Ferro Saturday in the Baldwin Invitation Tournament. Clark earned a third-place finish in the tournament.

Tucker Clark (right) wrestles Basehor-Linwood's Antonio Ferro Saturday in the Baldwin Invitation Tournament. Clark earned a third-place finish in the tournament.

January 28, 2012, 10:28 p.m.

Updated: January 31, 2012, 3:39 p.m.


@ Baldwin High School

Baldwin City KS


1-Prairie View, 170.5

2-Holton, 166 (1 champion)

3-Tonganoxie, 155.5 (1 champion)

4-Oak Park (Mo.), 138.5 (4 champions)

5-Baldwin, 125 (1 champion)

6-Lansing, 111.5 (2 champions)

7-Royal Valley, 109 (1 champion)

8-DeSoto, 101.5 (1 champion)

9-Santa Fe Trail, 101 (1 champion)

10-Spring Hill, 89

11(t)-Basehor-Linwood, 58

11(t)-Louisburg, 58 (1 champion)

13-Paola, 48.5

14-Eudora, 47.5 (1 champion)

15-Perry-Lecompton, 40

106 lbs.

1st-Cole Hoing, Lansing

2nd-Jon Pratt, Baldwin (13-9 record)

3rd-Jonah Lutz, Holton

4th-Chaz Epperson, Prairie View

5th-Hunter Miller, DeSoto

6th-Zac West, Santa Fe Trail

7th-Zach Johnson, Royal Valley

8th-Shayn Morris, Basehor-Linwood

9th-Jordan Girard, Lansing

10th-Chase Ballard, Oak Park

113 lbs.

1st-Sam Seidel, Oak Park

2nd-Noah Teaney, Oak Park

3rd-Sammy Seaton, Basehor-Linwood

4th-Hunter Price, Holton

5th-Taylor Smith, Spring Hill

6th-Jordan Booth, Holton

7th-Dalton Tavis, Tonganoxie

8th-Austin Ashley, Royal Valley

9th-Ryan Brocker, Paola

10th-Zach Chapman, Paola

120 lbs.

1st-Clayton Himpel, Tonganoxie

2nd-Kaleb Konitzer, Prairie View

3rd-Tucker Clark, Baldwin (18-7 record)

4th-Justin Twombly, Holton

5th-Antonio Ferro, Basehor-Linwood

6th-John Oliva, Basehor-Linwood

7th-Jordan Wilson, Santa Fe Trail

8th-Tyler Mundy, Santa Fe Trail

9th-Spencer Walling, Lansing

10th-Drew Botello, Eudora

126 lbs.

1st-Austin Hood, Louisburg

2nd-Bryce Shoemaker, Baldwin (24-4 record)

3rd-Lucas Lovvorn, Holton

4th-Caleb Himpel, Tonganoxie

5th-Andy Dennison, Santa Fe Trail

6th-Pallas Tye, Royal Valley

7th-Connor Patton, Paola

8th-Jordan Fulks, Prairie View

9th-Brad Smith, Spring Hill

10th-Dalton Inlow, Basehor-Linwood

132 lbs.

1st-Bo Pursel, Lansing

2nd-Andrew Morgan, Baldwin (28-7 record)

3rd-Jace Roy, Prairie View

4th-Garrett Matthews, Royal Valley

5th-Lane Lassiter, Holton

6th-Anthony Baker, Tonganoxie

7th-Tyler Crabtree, Spring Hill

8th-Grayson Langham, Baldwin (3-5 record)

9th-Rylan Piper, Santa Fe Trail

10th-Austen Scott, Louisburg

138 lbs.

1st-Dom Cervantes, Oak Park

2nd-William Holland, Prairie View

3rd-Asher Huseman, Tonganoxie

4th-Clayton Bogner, Lansing

5th-Mitch Boudeman, Santa Fe Trail

6th-Michael Bailey, Royal Valley

7th-Blake Lewis, Santa Fe Trail

8th-Trent Haverkamp, Holton

9th-Reed Mitchell, Perry Lecompton

10th-Josh Summers, Basehor-Linwood

145 lbs.

1st-Tanner Ogden, Royal Valley

2nd-Tanner Staats, Paola

3rd-Cordell Dunlop, Prairie View

4th-Cory McCleary, Basehor-Linwood

5th-Austin Caskey, Louisburg

6th-Mason Baum, Holton

7th-Thaius Boyd, Eudora

8th-Ryan Maline, Perry Lecompton

9th-Andrew Walter, Lansing

10th-Austin Rowland, Basehor-Linwood

152 lbs.

1st-Andrew Reischick, Holton

2nd-Matt Soetart, Tonganoxie

3rd-Josh Miller, DeSoto

4th-Andy Stair, Royal Valley

5th-Travis Bohannan, Perry Lecompton

6th-Dylan Rice, Prairie View

7th-Vince Alvarez, Eudora

8th-Chase Wechsler, Santa Fe Trail

9th-Caleb Volkman, Spring Hill

10th-John Hopper, Basehor-Linwood

160 lbs.

1st-Nathan Forbes, Santa Fe Trail

2nd-Christian Matthews, Royal Valley

3rd-Josh Theole, Prairie View

4th-Jason Von Bargen, Baldwin (18-9 record)

5th-Danial Goodin, DeSoto

6th-Skyler Crookston, Spring Hill

7th-Wyatt Stuart, Eudora

8th-Zach Holtgrewe, Basehor-Linwood

9th-Luke Carey, Tonganoxie

10th-Will Dyson, Lansing

170 lbs.

1st-Lucas Becker, Eudora

2nd-Blake Hampton, Spring Hill

3rd-Sean Call, Santa Fe Trail

4th-Jaegar Low, Oak Park

5th-Ryan Lynch, Tonganoxie

6th-Chance Ogden, Royal Valley

7th-Caleb Ward, Lansing

8th-Mark Harman, Baldwin (7-12 record)

9th-Austin Sledd, Perry Lecompton

10th-Joel Halford, Baldwin (2-4 record)

182 lbs.

1st-Cole Cannon, DeSoto

2nd-Adam McKenna, Holton

3rd-Julius Coats, Tonganoxie

4th-Jake Bradley, Prairie View

5th-Hector Porter, Lansing

6th-Aaron Smith, Spring Hill

7th-Landon Walrod, Eudora

8th-Mario Garcia, Baldwin (3-10 record)

9th-Otto Metzger, Basehor-Linwood

195 lbs.

1st-Hashem Omari, Oak Park

2nd-Litton VanDerWerff, Lansing

3rd-Coby Morris, Spring Hill

4th-Jordan Halaquist, Prairie View

5th-Drake Ewing, Holton

6th-Chance VanAusdall, Holton

7th-Thomas Miller, Tonganoxie

8th-Tiler Garcia, Baldwin (8-10 record)

9th-Jeremy Slitor, DeSoto

10th-Zach Carter, Basehor-Linwood

220 lbs.

1st-Colton Bonner, Baldwin (28-2 record)

2nd-Jacob Strickland, Oak Park

3rd-Edward Fitzgerald, Santa Fe Trail

4th-Kyle McLellan, Louisburg

5th-Matt Kellerman, Prairie View

6th-Zeke Kissinger, Tonganoxie

7th-Nick Chaney, Basehor-Linwood

8th-Bradley Hooper, Holton

9th-Justus Merz, Eudora

10th-Daniel Singletary, Lansing

285 lbs.

1st-John Cervantes, Oak Park

2nd-Hayden Chandler, DeSoto

3rd-Joe Pomatto, Paola

4th-Cooper Zeller, Holton

5th-Ty Barton, Tonganoxie

6th-Michael Houghtaling, Royal Valley

7th-Brenden Neal, Perry Lecompton

8th-Austin Pittman, Spring Hill

9th-Corey Herbers, Holton

10th-Justin Underwood, Eudora


conlawgrad 6 years, 2 months ago

I usually don't like to complain but when the quality of something that I have enjoyed goes down, especially by a extremely bad business decision, I feel the need to speak up.

First, the headline is grammatically wrong. When the noun, "wrestlers" is plural, the verb "places" is always going to be singular. It should read "wrestlers place". Second, "is" should be "in". That should be obvious but apparently not.

Second, the lack of coverage on twitter about the sports teams is disappointing. The other writer who worked for the Signal was a much harder worker for the Signal. That writer cared about the community and did everything possible to give people the news from whatever social media site that all good news companies use.

This is what happens when companies make bad decisions: a lack of coverage of news that people want covered and a drop in quality writing and coverage.

Bring back the old cannot be good with the changes they made.


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