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Kansas Secretary of State predicts small turnout for Tuesday’s primary



August 2, 2012

TOPEKA (August 2, 2012) – Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach predicts 18% of all registered voters will participate in the primary election this year either at the polls or in advance. Election day is Tuesday, August 7.

“Of the 1,719,469 Kansans who are registered to vote,” said Kobach, “I expect approximately 310,000 will cast a ballot in Tuesday’s primary election. Around 45,000 advanced ballots have already been received.”

Secretary Kobach noted that of recent primary election cycles, 2006 is the most closely analogous year to 2012. Turnout was 18.1% in 2006. Historic primary election turnout numbers from 2002 to 2010 are below.

Not all registered voters are eligible to vote this time. The primary is open only to Kansans who have affiliated with the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, or no political party when registering to vote. Voters affiliated with one of the three minor parties recognized in our state (Americans Elect, Libertarian and Reform) do not participate in primary candidate elections. About 0.6% of all registered voters are affiliated with a minor party.

Unaffiliated registered voters may vote a Republican ballot on election day by filling out a registration form at the polling place to affiliate with the Republican Party. Unaffiliated registered voters may vote a Democratic ballot on election day merely by requesting one. They do not have to affiliate with the Democratic Party first.

The number of voters affiliated with each recognized political party at the close of voter registration, July 17th are as follows: 20 Americans Elect, 437,149 Democratic, 10,470 Libertarian, 1,038 Reform and 762,274 Republican. Voters who registered as not affiliated with any party number 508,518.

The fastest way to see election results is to visit the Secretary of State’s website at starting at 7:00 p.m. on August 7. An interactive mapping system will allow users to access county website results by clicking on each county.

Secretary Kobach urges voters to remember to bring their photo IDs to the polls. For a list of acceptable forms of photographic identification visit


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