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Baldwin USD 348 agenda for Monday

April 20, 2012

A. Call to order by board president

B. Approval of agenda (D/A)

C. Executive Session – personnel, attorney-client, negotiations (D)

D. Consent agenda – Approval of minutes, regular bills and payrolls (D/A)

E. Recognition

  1. Krystal Williams (BESIC Volunteer)

  2. BHS Regional Journalism

F. Public comment – Audience (student, patron, staff input) (D)

G. Financial report (D/A)

  1. Cynde Frick

a) Bids

  1. Custodial Staffing: Mike Lane from Pure-o-zone

  2. Preliminary Capital Outlay Budget

  3. Republish Budget

H. Administrative reports (D/A)

  1. Short & Long Term Facilities Vision Recommendation

I. Old business (D/A)

  1. Strategic Plan

  2. Virtual Program

  3. Policy IIBGA: Internet Safety

  4. Policy IIBGB: Social Networking

J. New business (D)

  1. Policy deletions: Section A & D

K. Board member input

  1. Co-op report (D)

  2. Miscellaneous (D/A)

L. Superintendent's report (D/A)

M. Executive session – personnel, negotiations (D)

N. Consider executive session matters (D/A)

O. Discussion items (D)


Stacy Napier 6 years, 1 month ago

You call this an agenda. It tells us nothing.

Oh well just like the rest of the paper I guess.


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