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USD 348 enrollment slightly up, FTE estimated decline

September 22, 2011

Even with the significant change in elementary schools a year ago, USD 348's enrollment has remained basically the same early in the 2011-2012 school year.

As of Tuesday, Superintendent Paul Dorathy said the district's head count was 1,439. Tuesday was the annual day for school districts around the state to submit its enrollment for school year.

“We are slightly above last year's head count,” Dorathy said. “Last year, we were at 1,436. We are about the same, but slightly more than last year on Sept. 20.”

Baldwin High School is leading the district with 445 students, but Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center is right behind BHS with 444 students. Baldwin Junior High School has 332 students, while Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center has 218 students in its building this year.

Although the enrollment is slightly higher than last year across the district, USD 348's full-time equivalent is the determining factor for its state funding. Dorathy estimated the FTE at 1,353 on Tuesday, but the official number won't be finalized until later in the week. The district's FTE was 1,359 a year ago.

If the FTE drops six students this year, USD 348 could receive approximately $22,200 less funding this year. The state funding per pupil base is slightly above $3,700.

The district has options for its FTE that affects its state funding. The district can use this year's FTE, last year's FTE or an average of this year and the previous two school years.

“Even if our enrollment had dropped significantly this year, which it didn't, then we could have used last year's count,” Dorathy said. “Or we could have used a three-year average, whichever is better.”

BHS is projected to remain in Class 4A, but the official classifications will be released in the near future.


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