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Baldwin High students’ ACT scores remain above state, national average

October 6, 2011

Baldwin High School nearly maintained its composite average on the 2011 ACT exams after its increase from the previous year.

A year after averaging a composite score of 22.9 on the college entrance exams, BHS narrowly dipped its average on the 2011 ACT scores. BHS averaged a 22.8 on the exams last year.

“Our kids do a tremendous job,” said Melody Hoffsommer, BHS counselor. “Part of that credit is due to the great teachers we have here in Baldwin.

“The ACT is open to all of our students to take. It's not just open to our top-tier academically. So when you compare our scores to some other schools, that might make our scores that much more impressive.”

Baldwin High's average of 22.8 composite score was once again higher than the state's average of 22, which has remained the same for two years. BHS has scored higher than the state average for three-consecutive years and at the average in 2007.

“It's been that way since I've been working in this department,” Hoffsommer said. “We almost always score above the state and national averages.”

The number of BHS students taking the exam increased by 19 students in 2011. A small class of seniors graduated in 2010 after 55 students took the ACT. Last year, the number rose to 76. A total of 23,628 students in the state took the test last year.

“At our school, it's mostly seniors that take it,” Hoffsommer said. “Most juniors don't think about taking it until the following year. So if you're looking at a class of 105, then 76 is quite a few with a few juniors thrown in, too. I think we've had more students in the past take it. I don't know if that's because more students are opting to go the community college route rather than the four-year university route. That might be because of the economy, because it's cheaper to go to a place like Johnson County or Neosho than K.U. or K-State.”

On average, Baldwin High students scored the highest on the mathematics portion of the exam with a 23.2 average score. They also averaged a score of 23.1 on the reading exam. The science portion average was 22.8, while the reading average was 21.6.

“Our math scores do tend to be higher,” Hoffsommer said. “I know just from transfer students that come in that our math tends to be excellerated more than other schools. The students who transfer in tend to be behind or not challenged as much as we challenge our students in math. Plus, we offer a lot of upper level math courses.”

Five BHS students scored a 30 composite score or higher last year. This year's highest score is a 31 at BHS, but many students will take the ACT later this month and later in the school year.


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