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Baker University’s Phi Mu sorority to close

May 19, 2011

As of May 22, the Zeta Alpha chapter of the Phi Mu sorority will no longer be a part of Greek life at Baker University.

The Phi Mu National Council told the chapter of the decision to suspend operations March 23. The current members of the chapter made an appeal May 8 on the Baldwin City campus, but Phi Mu National President Kris Bridges told the members the decision to close was upheld May 15.

The national council said current members of the chapter, who are in good standing with the sorority, will become Phi Mu alumnae as of May 22.

“I would like to thank the chapter members for their thoughtful and professional appeal. I know they are disappointed, and I appreciate their cooperation with the National Fraternity throughout this difficult process,” said Bridges in a press release from the national council Monday. “I wish all Zeta Alpha members well as alumnae members of Phi Mu Fraternity.”

An email was sent to the Baker community Monday on behalf of Dannie Harris, student president of the Zeta Alpha chapter of Phi Mu, thanking the community for its support. Harris did not return calls for comment for the story.

“From the Zeta Alpha Chapter of Phi Mu, we would first like to say thank you for all the continued support we have received throughout this process over the last few months,” Harris said in the email.

Bridges stated in March the chapter’s struggle with membership was one of the factors in the decision. The Zeta Alpha chapter currently has 14 members. The national council’s press release said options are still being examined for what will be done with the Phi Mu house.

While the doors of the chapter house will close May 22, a chance still exists for the chapter to return to Baldwin City in the future. The Baker University Panhellenic Council and the Phi Mu National Council will sign an agreement stating if Baker decides to bring another sorority to campus, Phi Mu will have the first opportunity.

“We are deeply saddened that we will no longer be able to participate as members of the Greek community,” Harris said in the email. “It is the hope of the national council, as well as the (Zeta Alpha alumnae), that Phi Mu will be able to return to Baker's campus in the future.”


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