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Letters to the Editor

May 12, 2011

To the editor:

To the person(s) who came and dug through the clothes that were

tied in bags left over from the auction in Baldwin, I want to give a “big thanks.” You dug through the bags, scattering all of the clothes everywhere, leaving us to rebag them. It was hard enough work without you being so thoughtless for the ones that had to clean up after you. Rude is all I can say.

Terri Caruthers

Baldwin City

To the editor,

I just wanted to publicly thank our superintendent, Paul Dorathy, and USD 348 school board members for recognizing the need to continue busing our children living within the city limits. Your careful consideration of all of the concerns are greatly appreciated and respected. Once again, you have boosted our confidence in your ability to value the children of our community.

This issue will continue to be a community concern. I urge the citizens of Baldwin to contact city council members and voice their concerns regarding infrastructure that would ensure the safety of our children walking and biking. It only takes one incident to have a devastating effect on our community, and sadly you cannot take it back.

A heartfelt thank you to the school board members who have completed their term. Thanks for your dedication to our school district and community. Our new school board members will need our input, opinions and continued community support. A huge thank you for putting yourself out there for our community. I realize you are not always recognized, but your service and dedication are priceless.

Another unsung hero is our transportation director and her loyal department. Their commitment to their job is not either appreciated and/or recognized. I want to thank you for the excellent job you all do. They always put our children safely first. Thank you. Again, a huge thank you from me and most important members of our community, our children.

Tammy Johnson

Baldwin City

To the editor:

The soon-to-be defunct Marion Springs and Vinland grad schools recently had what presumably will be their last open house and carnival of their long and storied histories. I availed myself of the opportunity to attend both events and can describe the short-sighted decision to close the schools in just two words: misguided travesty. Those that I conversed with at both events expressed the same sentiment.

I attended a small consolidated school in north-central Kansas. Sadly, most of those facilities now lay vacant due to the dwindling number of students caused by the populace relocating to more urban environs. That reality is not applicable to the Marion Springs and Vinland schools. In fact, a number of families have moved to those communities to avail themselves of the superior educational opportunity that small, rural schools have proven to provide.

The often-used term “move forward” was used to coerce voters into supporting the multimillion-dollar bond issue to build the new elementary center. One can only hope that residents within the Baldwin school district continue to “move forward” by looking back at the past academic standard of excellence that the two rural schools provided, as well as the families they continue to attract to the community.

By reconsidering the closing of such fine facilities, it would help alleviate the concerns of already over-taxed residents within the Baldwin school district who fear being bamboozled into approving yet another bond to add onto the elementary center when overcrowding becomes an issue.

Tim Newacheck

Baldwin City


Torch 11 years, 4 months ago


You bring a tear to my eye. To think that all that 'academic achievement' will be thrown away when you come to Baldwin - as your children would ultimately have done anyway - makes me weep.

You're lucky the vast, vast, vast, vast, majority of the school district tolerated your boondoggle for so long. The gig is up. Sorry. If you people want to pay to keep your excellent schools open by yourselves please feel free to do so. The fact is that you've been riding the backs of 80 percent of the school district for decades and we don't want to pay for your convenience any more.


Almost every taxpayer in USD 348.


greyghost 11 years, 4 months ago

Hey a$$hole,

Why not have a face-to-face with the letter writer and be sure to tell him about how his kids will fail in school?

I have money that says you would walk away missing a few teeth. Well, maybe you wouldn't walk away either.


clang 11 years, 4 months ago

Not this taxpayer TORCH! Being part of a family that has lived and supported Baldwin area for generations,since the late 1800's, your attitude and ones like yours make me sick! The bond issue only helped the new citizens of Baldwin for new schools that they never planned ahead for over crowding. These two schools that were closed have and were the back bones of USD 348 in support of Baldwin Schools in town. How long have you lived here? I am guessing not as long as the generations coming from Vinland and Marion Springs area who have suffered hardships over the many years but continued to support Baldwin USD 348 area. Hopefully if it is possible new board members can stop this mess before next fall.


BaldwinDad 11 years, 4 months ago

We all need to move on at this point.

We need to take all the anger and frustration and refocus that on getting legislation passed that will allow parents to take control of the tax dollars that their individual child brings to the a school district. Allowing the parent to use that money to send their child to private and charter schools.

The problem here is not the rural versus in town groups, the problem is our Public schools are failing the children and the tax paying public. We need to just focus on freeing ourselves from the state run monopoly and returning the control to the parents and the community.


hyperinflate 11 years, 4 months ago

Hey, freeloader,

How about you pay your own money to have your children be educated according to your own ignorant beliefs. Don't make us hardworking Americans pay for it. Get a second job (or perhaps a first) instead of always expecting others to hand over their earnings to solve your problems.


SpiderMonkey 11 years, 4 months ago

My question...BaldwinDad is since when is a private school sooooo much better than a public education?? Students at Baldwin get a great education if they choose to seek it out. Over half of the Baldwin High staff has Masters Degrees, I think. There would probably be more but teachers get something like $200/year for schooling (which wouldn't even buy a book) and they have had salaries frozen for 3 or so years.

The attitude in this country is that it's everyone else's fault. It's not my kid's fault or my fault that my child is failing, it is the school's fault. I mean, what if Baldwin closes down it's public school and opens up Baldwin Engineering and Art Charter it better because the name changed??

I would just like to know how the school system is failing students? You do realize that students fail at private and charter schools as well, right?


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