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Letter to the editor

May 5, 2011

To the editor,

I am writing regarding the Transportation Committee’s proposal to do away with busing except for the people outside the 2.5-mile area.

If the bus is already stopping to pick up children at an approved residence, or for an IEP, I would like to request that all children at that location be allowed to ride the bus. This would not increase the budget and it is just play silly to leave other children standing there and only pick up the children who live at that residence. There is NO increase in budget to pick up all children at the address.

Daycare providers are a vital part of our community and a necessity for most working families. If two children live at the address, are you going to leave the 10 other children standing there as a half empty bus pulls away?

I don’t believe the Transportation Committee took into consideration all the people who work and don’t have options except daycare. If the daycare is in the country, our children should be allowed to ride the bus, along with the residential children.

If this non-budget issue is something you agree with, please voice your opinion to the School Board before May 9. Thank you for your time.

Patricia Carpenter

Baldwin City


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