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Farmers Market to open downtown Saturday

May 5, 2011

Charlene Hannon can be found in the kitchen on Fridays during the summer months, the way she has on and off for about 20 years.

Hannon and her mother will begin baking pies to sell each Saturday at the Baldwin City Farmer’s Market. Saturday will be the opening weekend of the market, although venders could be found downtown last weekend for an unofficial opening.

“We have a lot of fun, especially when it’s not as busy,” Hannon said. “I don’t work during the summer, because I work for the school district. So we have a lot of fun cooking together, and it’s just something we enjoy doing.”

Hannon cooks around 20 fruit pies a week, finding she sells out 15 pies quickly. It takes a lot of effort each week, so it is something a person has to enjoy doing in order to pursue, she said.

Because of this, Hannon hopes every vender leaves the market after a successful day.

“We love to see just everybody be successful because that makes it all worth while then, if everybody’s down there is doing well and having a good time,” Hannon said.

The farmer’s market will be open every Saturday from 7:30 to noon and runs until the Saturday before the Maple Leaf Festival in October.

Ivan Huntoon helps organize the market and sets up tents each Saturday morning.

“I think it’s always important to support the local markets,” Huntoon said. “And I think we have some people who are venders in the farmer’s market that have incredible products and, you know, provide a great service to Baldwin City.”

Visitors of the market can expect to find products ranging from produce, desserts and other food items, to flowers and hand-made crafts.

“It’s just a great opportunity for people to see that they can get these kinds of things here locally, and locally grown,” Hannon said.

While the number of venders with booths at the market can vary from week to week, local residents can be found selling their crafts each Saturday near the Baldwin City Post Office.

“I think we get great support,” Hannon said. “And I think everybody would love to have, you know, more people see and find out that we have things to offer. And I think we’d love to have other venders if they would want to come.”


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