Letter to the editor

March 31, 2011

To the editor:

Last night (March 23) at the BOE candidate forum I heard words like “healing the community,” “more transparency,” “better communication” and “quality of education.” Today, from trusted sources, I hear that a local business owner has assembled a slate of candidates whose primary agenda is to nullify the decision of the previous school board and re-open Marion Springs and Vinland in spite of the revenue shortfall. If my information is correct, I am calling for that business owner and those candidates to shed the cloaks of invisibility and put all their cards on the table. Your neighbors and fellow patrons deserve nothing less. What I did not hear last night was a plan to deal with more revenue cuts; what to do when the state board of education is replaced by a Secretary of Education and/or when the “No Child Left Behind” initiative is repealed. While we are wondering about the future – Under Title 9, if we lose a boys sports, say basketball, does that mean the proposed girl’s soccer program is a nonstarter?

Mike Gammage

Baldwin City

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