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City council candidate: Coy Weege

March 17, 2011

Name: Coy Wayne Weege

Date of birth: May 24, 1978

Family: Fiancé, Lauren

Current employment: Farmers Insurance Group

Past employment history: Insurance Consulting

Education: BA business, engineering concentration, Kansas University

Number of years lived in community: Since 1989

Previous public offices held: N/A

Community involvement: Maple Leaf Festival Committee, soccer coach (BHS), Masons

What made you decide to run for office?

The opportunity to work with, and for, my neighbors. I have three main goals as a councilman: work toward making Baldwin City a “Green community”, control our rising taxes, and strive for better communication between the school district and the city.

What special qualifications would you bring to this office?

I think with the upcoming changes to our surrounding areas, with the new 59 Hwy and Intermodal my background in engineering and business will help to make decisions about where we want to take this city.

How do you plan to familiarize yourself with the issues that come before the council?

Through research and engaging in conversations with my fellow council members, and the Baldwin community.

What leadership qualities do you possess?

Patience, openness, listening and character.

How do you plan stay in touch with constituents if you are elected?

I hope to keep in touch now, actually. I invite everyone to seek me out on my Facebook page, Coy Weege for City Council, and join the discussion about issues that are important and pertinent to this community.

Describe what you see as the main role of a city council member?

To be the voice of our community and to help determine the lifestyle and experience we have here in Baldwin.

What is city government’s best attribute and why?

The fact that new leaders can emerge every few years. Policies and ideas from the past can be changed if needed. Positive change can happen with the right people.

What are the three most important issues facing the city and how would you confront them?

  1. Keeping our taxes competitive with the surrounding communities; keep our own people from continually being over taxed.

  2. Advancing Baldwin to be considered a “Green City” and recognized by the state as such.

  3. Getting as much cooperation going between the multiple groups and boards of our city and districts to work together to make a better Baldwin for everyone.

Under what circumstances would you favor increasing property taxes or sales taxes?

Proving we have exhausted all other avenues, proven we have made every promise we’ve plead in the past. I am not in favor of raising taxes unless we have researched and been given facts that it is necessary.

We as the city government need to be aggressive at bringing in healthy business and be more efficient with what we have before requesting more money from our neighbors’ pockets.

How would you increase the city’s tax base?

Be more efficient with what amount we have. There are people in this city living paycheck-to-paycheck and the assumption that our neighbors are living comfortably needs to be realistic. We shouldn’t expand just to hand more money over to the city.

What can the city do to increase economic development?

Advertise and visit other cities where development had increased and succeeded, use proven models to grow a healthy, more efficient Baldwin.

Are you satisfied with the job being performed by the city’s professional staff?

I am very satisfied with many parts of the staff’s performance. I also want the staff to feel we are here to support them as well. I want to work with the city and community and hear what they would like from us before we possibly change any efforts they have been giving. I have worked with all of the staff through the past years, professionally through insurance, and I have enjoyed the company of all my neighbors here in Baldwin.


uapinochet 7 years, 3 months ago

Interested in hearing more about Baldwin becoming a "green city."


ksrush 7 years, 3 months ago

This is a St. Paddys day joke right ? Tell me it is. Seriously going green is a priority ? Maybe priority # 526 on the list.

Here's a news flash. I drove by the intermodal site today, the contractors are set up in thier offices and there are a minimum of 50 earthmovers ready to roll. While your thinking of a nifty advertising slogan for Baldwin and watching what other communities are doing to attract business for economic development, reality is happening 15 miles down the road. Expanding the tax base ? - you can't expand what we don't have.

I do believe a good advertising slogan for Baldwin can be Baldwin the " green" city. Green with envy for Wellsville, Edgerton and Gardners economic development from the intermodal Green with overflowing tax dollars the community constantly coughs up because of mismanagement Green with lots of vacant land where businesses will not be built

This sounds like more of the same inept " Baldwin experience" we have had in the past. We can't afford this "mentality" any more.


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