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Five candidates file Tuesday morning for city council, school board elections

January 25, 2011

With the deadline approaching, five Baldwin City and USD 348 patrons filed for the April 5 election Tuesday morning.

For the Baldwin City Council race, Shane Starkey and Coy Weege filed, which now brings the race to four candidates. There are three openings on the city council this election. No incumbents will be running for their seat this spring.

In the USD 348 school board election, John Dunbar and Sandy Chapman entered the race for position No. 2. Slade Dillon was the other Tuesday filing. Dillon filed for position No. 3.

Every school board position has at least two candidates running, but no more than three in each position. Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew said if positions No. 2 and No. 7 had one more person file, there would have been a primary. Since only three filed for each position, there won't be a primary for the school board or city council.

Shew also said the filings are unofficial until Thursday when names and addresses can be verified.


solo 7 years, 3 months ago

I'd like to start hearing from all candidates now that the slate is in. why are you running? what can you bring to the table? why should I vote for you? what would you like to change about the current council/school board?

And please, I could care less how long you have lived in Baldwin so please don't make that part of your stump speeches. I see some familiar names from past elections. Glad to see that losing an election or two hasn't deterred those interested in public service from running again.


Peabody 7 years, 2 months ago

Thanks to all those community members who put their names on the ballot. Your willingness to serve is appreciated.


oscar 7 years, 2 months ago

im voting for ksrush> he knows what ba;ldwin is needs. lower my goddamm taxes now


ksrush 7 years, 2 months ago

Appreciate the endorsement. Unfortunately my work schedule doesn't allow me to run right now.


khayes 7 years, 2 months ago

Solo I will try and answer your questions that you put forth. I am running for city council because I think that I can help our city which is in my opinion in crisis. We are in the same boat as all cities in struggling with costs versus revenue, a situation that will only get worse due to the cutbacks of monies that flow to our city from the state and federal levels. My approach in simple terms would be "austerity". As far as what I bring to the table I served as mayor for 4 years and gained a lot of practical experience on what to do...and more importantly what NOT to do. As a councilman I would propose the following moves to try and save monies and improve our community.

  1. Wage freeze for all city employees for the next 24 months. This may seem harsh but currently the state is looking at CUTTING state salaries by 7% for state employees.

  2. A total review of all employment positions in the city to see what is absolutely NEEDED to function versus what is WANTED by department heads. All positions from dog catcher to city administrator need to be justified to the 10th degree as to why they are on the payroll.

  3. Utility evaluation of costs versus returns as to the feasibility of operations. Publicly we should explore the notion of selling the electric utility. If we can sell it without damaging services to our residents we should look at it. If we cant sell it then we need to figure out how to operate it and sell our excess capacity to increase revenue without raising rates.

  4. Economic development of our community. We need to try and foster jobs and growth in our city. The only way to lessen the tax burden on our citizens is to make the pot that the taxes is taken out of larger. We have exorbant costs and bureaucratic redtape associated with private citizens opening businesses and constructing homes in this city that are simply ridiculous. An example was the travesty that Arrowhead hardware went thru and the costs incured to them to build a new business. Its ridiculous and it has to stop. Government should help people build small business and homes not strangle it to death.

  5. We need to plan our government projects better and execute them efficiently. Last year a major sewer project was completed down 11th street. The sewer portion of the project went great. Unfortunately everything that happened above ground on this project reeked of poor planning and very poor execution.

Solo I am interested in making Baldwin which is a great city and I am proud to call it home, and raise my children here into an even better community. Currently I work for ECKAN in ottawa and my job takes me to lots of cities in south central kansas. I can say hands down none of them are as pictureque and interesting as Baldwin. But we can make our city better by making it more affordable with belt tightening and wise expenditures.


BaldwinDad 7 years, 2 months ago

I agree Ken specially with #2, I have brought this up before and people call me crazy, but I'm not sure why we need some many police officers for a town of only 3,000 people. It seems to be to a monumental waste of resources to keep so many officers on the payroll specially given our current budget crisis all around the state and also given the complete lack of any real crime in Baldwin that results in actual damages to a third party or victim.

Really it seems to me that the Police in their current role act more as tax collectors with the variety of fines they enforce via the tickets that they right rather then actually serving to keep our community safer.


Nathaniel Johnson 7 years, 2 months ago

Thank you for putting yourself forward as a candidate and clearly articulating your positions. I look forward to hearing from you more. Since no reference is made to a K. Hayes in the above article, I would ask that you clearly identify who you are in your posts for folks like me who are less familiar with past internal workings of Baldwin.

Nathaniel Johnson


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