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School board considering storage building at ballfield complex

The proposed storage facility will face the west ball fields from the west side of Bullpup Drive.

The proposed storage facility will face the west ball fields from the west side of Bullpup Drive.

January 20, 2011

A portion of the final dollars from the November 2008 bond issue might soon be spent on the ball field complex near the elementary schools on the west edge of Baldwin City.

As construction of the Performing Arts Center continues near Baldwin Junior High School, the USD 348 Board of Education is considering another bond issue project. However, this project would be minor compared to the ball fields, PAC or new elementary school.

Kyle Trendel, Baldwin City resident and architect, presented his plans for a storage facility near the ball field complex at last Thursday’s school board meeting.

“The estimate is around $50,000,” Superintendent Paul Dorathy said. “We tried to budget bond money and this is kind of the finish up to the baseball and softball fields. We’ve been kind of waiting to see how much we’d have to spend, but we’ve always needed the storage building at the complex. So we budgeted about $50,000, but we’ll see how the bids come in.”

Trendel talked with Dorathy and Steve Friend, Baldwin City Recreation Commission director, during the past few weeks to discuss this plan. Friend requested a building to store equipment because the BCRC had an agreement with the school district to maintain USD 348’s athletic fields.

The plans call for a 30-foot by 56-foot building with three garage doors. It would be able to house the BCRC’s equipment and vehicles necessary for maintenance of the ball fields.

One issue that came up during Thursday’s meeting was whether to insulate a portion of the building.

“The building is separated into four different bays,” Trendel said. “The northern bay would be more of a locked storage that needs to be in climate controlled space, such as fertilizers and paints. So they are looking at insulating that bay of the building.”

There was also debate was about the location of the building. Trendel’s plans have it being built west of Bullpup Drive near the middle of the complex.

“The east-west access between the field would be the north edge of this new building,” Trendel said. “Of course, the building is on the west side of Bullpup. The building would face Bullpup and be across the street from the ball fields.”

When board members expressed concern about locating the building across the street from the fields, Trendel said there were problems with constructing it on the east side of Bullpup Drive.

“I think the school board would like to see it back on the east side of Bullpup near the baseball and softball fields,” Dorathy said. “As we said at the meeting, we ran into problems with utility, gas and water lines under all of those places where we would have liked to put that building. Right now, it’s looking like the best place is just across Bullpup Drive.”

The school board tabled the discussion at the meeting and will take up the issue again it at a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the district office.

The board will be in executive session for much of the meeting to do its superintendent evaluation. The storage building is the only other item on the agenda.


BaldwinDad 7 years, 3 months ago

Heck, why not we haven't wasted enough money!

I will say this some company is going to get a really good deal on these fields when the school system becomes fully insolvent and goes belly up.


ksrush 7 years, 3 months ago

Here's a thought regarding yet another bond issue - HELL NO

There is an easy cure for the school districts spending addiction "Just say no"


Bloggerboo 7 years, 2 months ago

It's not another bond issue, ksrush, it is another bond issue project. Meaning, this would come from money from the most recent bond issue. It would not create another one.


LAGNAFinaCJ 7 years, 2 months ago

Just one question.. Why would you put the climate controlled portion on the NORTH side to keep from freezing paint????? (the coldest side of the building)

whoda thunk.. (shaking head)


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