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Baldwin City’s 2010 crime stats reflect ‘normal year’

February 24, 2011

Although there were 497 criminal reports filed and 537 tickets distributed by the Baldwin City Police Department in 2010, it was an average year according to Greg Neis.

The BCPD chief said the numbers from the 2010 statistics report were about par for the past couple of years.

“I don’t think we had anything out of the ordinary,” Neis said. “Most of the charges were minor offenses.”

Of the 497 reports filed with the BCPD, 221 were miscellaneous offenses or reports. The largest number on a specific crime was 84 larceny of under $1,000. Fifty-five of those reports were filed from July through October.

There were also 36 reports of criminal damage of less than $1,000 filed during 2010.

“We had a lot people opening up many vehicles and taking stuff out,” Neis said. “Those were smaller larcenies that we had last year.”

During 2010, there were 41 felony offenses reported to the police department. Eleven were larceny (more than $1,000), 10 were domestic battery, eight were burglary and five were criminal damage of more than $1,000).

Also filed as a felony offense were two rape/sex offenses, four aggravated assault/battery and miscellaneous offense.

“We had a couple of sex offenses that were reported, but turned out to be unfounded,” Neis said. “We even had a couple rape reports, but then the charges were dropped.”

The misdemeanor offenses included 21 simple assault/battery, 22 liquor law violations, 11 DUIs, 12 narcotic/drug violations, four sex offenses and nine trespass reports.

In 2010, the BCPD reported 46 traffic accidents and gave out 537 tickets. Included in the tickets were 80 speeding, 48 failure to stop/failure to yield, 40 for insurance, 35 seatbelts/child restraints and 22 minor in possession/minor in consumption/open container.

The largest number of tickets were for illegal parking. Of the 109 parking tickets, 38 were distributed in October. Neis said there is a high number every year in October because of the thousands of visitors for the Maple Leaf Festival.

“That’s why we had the high number of parking tickets in October,” he said. “There’s usually a lot of tickets given during Maple Leaf. We actually cut down on tickets this year. We cut people a little more slack. I think we were close to 100 tickets given at Maple Leaf the year before last.”

Although there were more than 1,000 reports and tickets reported during 2010, not all of them resulted in charges, Neis said. The statistics report was given to the Baldwin City Council in January.

“This was everything that was reported to us,” Neis said. “We took the report, but some didn’t result in charges. Sometimes the people didn’t want to pursue the case or the DA read the charges and didn’t’ think there was enough to charge them with a crime. This is our reporting statistics, not convictions.”


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