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Holiday Home Tour returns to provide decorating ideas

Randy and Julie Bear (right) and Tom and Bonnie Plumberg stand on the porch of the Bear home decorated for the season and Sunday’s holiday home tour.

Randy and Julie Bear (right) and Tom and Bonnie Plumberg stand on the porch of the Bear home decorated for the season and Sunday’s holiday home tour.

December 8, 2011

Decorating for the holidays can become monotonous when families annually use the usual garland, tree and holly. This year, those who attended the Homes for the Holidays 2011 Homes Tour Sunday, hosted by The Pink Lady, The Pink Lady Home and The Cranberry Market, were able to find inspiration in the décor used at the six stops on the tour.

The tour, which used to be sponsored by Stephens Realty, was revived this year with interest from Julie Bear, owner of The Pink Lady Home, and Bonnie Plumberg, owner of The Pink Lady.

Cindy Collumber toured the homes and said her favorite part was getting different ideas from the unique ways the houses were decked out.

“(The tour) is just kind of a fun way to see all the different houses and get ideas and see people who you know,” Collumber said. “It’s just fun. It’s a nice way to spend the afternoon.”

Bear said it was the first time the homes house were in the tour.

“Our first criteria (for finding homes) was that we knew the tour had been done for many, many years, so we wanted to find houses that had not been on the tour before so people would have something new and fresh to see,” Bear said.

Although the sponsors were aware of homeowners who wanted participate, others contacted them and asked to be added to the tour list.

“Some people (on the tour) are more elaborate than others,” Bear said. ”Some people really like a lot of glitter and glam.”

Becky and Gary Dick’s home was the final stop on the tour. Their décor included bright colors and elf figurines.

“It’s just such a lot of work and so the more people who enjoy it the better,” Becky said. “Once you get all the decorations up, you just want to share it.”

To prepare for the tour, the homeowners began decorating and collecting items to fit their theme weeks in advance.

The theme for Bear’s house is normally hunting, fishing and camping, so she tried to find authentic gear that celebrated the holidays but still fit in with the original outdoors theme.

“It’s kind of each person’s individual taste,” Bear said. “Our decorating is really not over the top. I like using the real (tree branches and garland) from outside. We just go cut it and bring it in so that’s fun.”

Over $300 was raised from tickets sold for the tour, all of which will go back to the Baldwin City community.

“There’s a community committee that provides assistance to folks who come forward and say ‘I need help,’ so I don’t think we’ll have any trouble finding some needy folks who can benefit,” Bear said.

The sponsors were aiming to sell between 50 and 100 tickets, but were pleased with the 40 or so tickets sold.

“We didn’t sell as many tickets this year as we hoped we would, but we thought probably it might take several years for people to realize we’re doing it again,” Bear said.


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