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District learns of AYP success, enrollment increase

The Baldwin School District enrollment increased 25 students from a year ago. Here, students at the Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center enjoy equipment on the playground at the new school.

The Baldwin School District enrollment increased 25 students from a year ago. Here, students at the Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center enjoy equipment on the playground at the new school.

September 23, 2010

Good news rolled in this week for the Baldwin School District.

The good news should mean more state funding for increased enrollment and no probation period for failing to make adequate yearly progress. Superintendent Paul Dorathy was pleased about both news items.

“It’s good news for our district,” Dorathy said. “We are proud to make AYP again and increase our enrollment from last year.”

The AYP results aren’t quite official. The state releases the preliminary results early in the school year, but the official results won’t come until next month. That’s also the time the state announces what schools made the standard of excellence on the state assessment exams.

In the Baldwin district, all six schools made AYP, according to the preliminary results. Dorathy was happy to know his schools were in good standing with the state.

“The results aren’t official until October,” he said. “I’ve seen the preliminary results and those show that all of our buildings made AYP. To me, AYP is important and it’s hard to get.”

As for enrollment, the official count became official Monday. The official head count in the district is 1,436 students, which is an increase from 1,411 a year ago.

The full-time equivalencey enrollment is what counts toward state funding. The school district projected that number at 1,328 on the 2010-2011 budget. On Monday, Baldwin’s FTE was 1,359, which is a jump from 1,336 last year. The district will receive $4,012 more for each additional FTE student that wasn’t budget for the 2010-2011 school year, which could mean an extra $124,372.

“We can gain some dollars from our increased enrollment this year,” Dorathy said. “It could end up being some very helpful dollars for our budget situation. It’s a positive thing.

“It’s good news for the district for this school year anyway. It could change next year. It’s pretty balanced throughout the entire district.”


BaldwinDad 7 years, 9 months ago

Wow...awesome we got more money and were growing, guess it's time to close some schools and decrease capacity so we wont have enough room in 2 years for all the kids. Keep up the awesome job Dorathy,


Torch 7 years, 9 months ago

You're right BaldwinDad!

What we really need is a mountain of debt that drives up the cost of living in the town and to maintain a bunch of buildings that should be condemned. Who cares that it's all at the expense of the vast majority of the school district in order to benefit a handful of families?

With that in mind I think we need another $10 - $15 million bond so we can bulldoze the rural schools, build new ones at double the capacity they have now, and hire 50 new teachers so the ratio is 3 students to one teacher.

No reason to do what schools around the State and country are doing - we wouldn't want to cut the fat from the system in order to be economically viable would we? That would be the responsible thing to do. The Recession is happening elsewhere, not here in Baldwin. We have bottomless pockets and endless resources to continue to throw at the schools. Who cares if we go broke?

It's for the kids!


BaldwinDad 7 years, 9 months ago

Torch...if your idea's were not so laughable I would cry, but you get an A for sarcasm.

I agree with you Torch about cutting the fat especially with the current depression going on, but normally when one cuts fat they do so with keeping the lean meat. What you and the BOE as well as Dorathy are proposing is cutting out the very meat of education while leaving all the fat still on bone. If what you want to do is cut fat then do so, eliminate all the EXTRA curricular activities from the schools, in education those items are the fat, not the educating our children.

You are also right about a new Bond as well, but if you have your way it will be to add on to the buildings we just built or to reopen the buildings that sat vacant for 2 years cause you thought making a few quick bucks at the cost of our kids education was worth it. Don't kid yourself into thinking that if we close the schools that the BOE and Administration wont be back in 2-3 years asking for more money to correct the mistake they are attempting to make now.

Also please stop using your us versus them mentality when speaking about the rural parents who pay over half the taxes that the district uses. This to me is about all 600+ kids in the grades K-5, as well as the poor management of our educational resources by the BOE and Dorathy.


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