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School district earns numerous standards of excellence on state assessments

October 28, 2010

As an entire district, Baldwin USD 348 hit a slight decline on the 2010 state assessments as its number of standard of excellence qualifying exams dropped from a year ago.

The Baldwin School District made the standard of excellence rating on 42 possibilities in 2009. This year the school district earned 25 the standards of excellence.

“There is a little bit off a drop off, but not much from last year. But we still did very well again this year” Supt. Paul Dorathy said. “The students and staff did a great job on the state assessments. We are continuing to improve those as the bar continues to jump each year. It jumped quite a bit this year and it jumps quite a ways next. The standard of excellence is tough to get and it takes a lot of work.”

With the increase in minimum standards needed to achieve the standard of excellence designation, some grade levels failed to qualify, Dorathy said. But that didn’t mean they didn’t score proficient, he said. In many cases, only one or two grade levels made the standard of excellence, but the entire building achieved it on the exams.

“We have to remember that this is the standard of excellence,” he said. “Just because we didn’t reach that in some tests, doesn’t mean we scored poorly. We scored high on most of the other tests that didn’t make the standard of excellence. In order for the building to make it, all of the grade levels had to score pretty high. We did that on many exams this year.”

Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center led all schools with eight standards of excellence. BESIC earned the mark in third-, fourth and fifth-grade math and fourth and fifth-grade reading. As a building, BESIC reached the mark on math, reading and science assessments.

Marion Springs Elementary School and Baldwin Junior High School achieved six standards of excellence. MSES earned the distinction in third-grade reading, fourth-grade math and fifth-grade math, as well as building-wide in math, reading and science. BJHS reached the mark in sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade reading, along with sixth-grade match. As a building, BJHS made it in reading and math.

Vinland Elementary School made the standard of excellence in third- and fifth-grade reading, as well as building-wide in reading. Baldwin High School reached the mark in reading and math as a building.

The 2010 state assessments was the second year for the exams to be computerized. In previous years, they were done by computer and pencil and paper.

“It is tough to schedule them, because we have to schedule them within our computer labs,” Dorathy said. “Sometimes that gets to be a little tough. When it was paper and pencil exams, you can take them whenever you’re ready to take them. When you have to take them online, you have to schedule each class for the labs. In general, our students score better on the computerized assessments than they do on the paper and pencil exams.”


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