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BHS graduates earn numerous awards

May 27, 2010

2010 Kansas Scholars Curriculum Requirements:

4 Years of English

4 years of Mathematics (Algebra 1, II, Geometry, plus another upper level class such as Trigonometry or Calculus)

3 years of Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

3 years of Social Studies

2 years of Foreign Language (two years of the same language)

2010 Kansas Scholars Curriculum Completers:

Shelby Arnold, Lauren Barnes, Anna Baughan,

Taylor Brown, Brenna Bryant, Perry Carrington,

Sam Cooper, Rachael Enick, Chloe Gaylord,

Julie Hill, Cole Ingram, Mason Johnson,

Lex Jones, Jennifer Katzer, Brandon Kraus,

Kaitlyn Lawrenz, Whitney Lederer, Patrick Pinault,

Michael Pouliot, Mallory Sansom, Jalinn Sommer,

Cayla Tate, Connor Twombly, Alana Waltz,

Andy Woods, Yevgeniy Zakharov

2010 Designated State of Kansas Scholars (pins)

Nominees- Average ACT (30) Average Cumulative GPA (3.90)

Lauren Barnes, Rachael Enick, Mason Johnson,

Jennifer Katzer, Brandon Kraus, Michael Pouliot,

Jalinn Sommer, Anderson Woods

Honor Graduates: (3.5 – 3.79 seven semester Cumulative GPA) (Cords)

Shelby Arnold, Perry Carrington, Chloe Gaylord, Mason Johnson, Jalinn Sommer, Alana Waltz

Honor With Distinction Graduates: (3.80 or better Cumulative GPA 7 Semesters)

(Cords and Medallions)

Lauren Barnes, Molly Bostwick, Rachael Enick, Josh Hanson, Julie Hill, Jennifer Katzer,

Brandon Kraus, Brian Lamoreux, Whitney Lederer, Michael Pouliot, Mallory Sansom, Connor Twombly, Andy Woods, Taylor Brown, Anna Baughan

Award Winners 2010

Baker—Amanda Ciambrone (Academic Leadership Scholarship, and University Scholarship, Spirit Squad Award, and Wilma and Wilson Counts Memorial Scholarship), Brian Lamoreux (Presidential Scholarship, Academic Leadership Scholarship, Band Scholarship, Choral Scholarship, Carl and Leona Butell Scholarship), Joshua Hanson (Presidential Scholarship and the Academic Leadership Scholarship, Wrestling), Kaylin McCrary (Scholarly Promise Award, Spirit Squad Award), Ryan Hodges (University Scholarship)

Ivan and Margaret Boyd Scholarship—Heather Karlin and Carson Barnes

Baldwin Education Foundation Scholarship—Brandon Kraus and Mallory Sansom

KSDE Exceptional Academic Performance-Lauren Barnes, Brandon Kraus and Anderson Woods

LMH Auxiliary Scholarship—Joshua Hanson

Lions Club—Rachael Enick, Cayla Tate, and Katie Brecheisen

Ottawa University—Provost Scholarship—Jalinn Sommer

Vinland High School—Mallory Sansom

Baldwin Arts Council—Amelia Wilson

Richard Allen Memorial Scholarship—Kaylin McCrary

Leon and Mary Lou Rockers Scholarship—Katie Brecheisen and Rachel Enick

Larry Hartshorn Memorial Scholarship—Connor Twombly

Dale Carruthers and The Baldwin City Fire Department—Rachel Enick Katie Brecheisen

Lloyd Beeton Post 228 American Legion Citizenship Award—Lauren Barnes and Michael Pouliot

American Legion Boys State—Nate Growcock, Carson Barnes, Isaac Smith, Colin Thomas, Brandon Baltzell

American Legion Gladys Keller Book Award—Michael Pouliot

American Legion Ethel Mae Carlson Book Award—Chloe Gaylord and Mallory Sansom

BEA—Rachel Enick and Amelia Wilson

Anna K and Lester E. Hey Scholarship—Michael Pouliot

BPW—Taylor Brown and Rachael Enick

National Merit Commended Scholar—Lauren Barnes and Brian Lamoreux

East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity Corporation—Jalinn Sommer

Discus Award—Allison Howard

Curtis Coffman—Shelby Arnold, Rachael Enick, Casey George, Levi Moore, Camdon Schwartz

Knights of Columbus—Julie Hill

Dale Dennis Academic Excellence Award—Rachael Enick

Principal's Leadership Award—Lauren Barnes

Lawrence Journal World All Academic Team—Lauren Barnes, Molly Bostwick

Award of Excellence (NFSHSA)--Julie Hill and Brian Lamoreux

KSHSAA Citizenship Awards—Josh Hanson and Connor Twombly

Fort Scott Community College—Sarah Crabtree (Cheerleading) and Cole Ingram (Football)

All State Academic Team Topeka Capitol—Lauren Barnes

STUCO—Molly Bostwick and Rachael Enick

Senior Project—Rachael Enick and Brian Lamoreux

Vocational Awards:

Casey George- Most Improved Welder

Shelby Arnold-Welder of the Year and Draftsman of the Year and Woodworker of the Year

Mason Johnson-Woodworker of the Year

Whitney Lederer-”Shop Girl of the Year”

Shelby Arnold-”Shop Guy of the Year”

Exemplary Scores on State Assessments 2008-2009

Brandon Baltzell—Reading and Math

Carson Barnes—Reading

Lauren Barnes—Writing

Shaleia Beerbower—Reading

Jason Brewster—Reading, Math

Taylor Brown—Writing

Tucker Brown—Mathematics

Jesse Calderwood—Math

Perry Carrington—Science

Clinton Chapman—Math

Matt Cherry—Math

Sam Cooper—Science and Writing

Alexandria Daffern—Reading and Math

Patrick Deitz—Reading and Math

Breeana Edmonds—Reading

Tanner Endecott—Reading

Ally Foye—Reading

Shannon Gerstner—Reading

Riley Grammer—Math

Nathaniel Growcock—Reading

Abigail Hartzell--Math

Nicollette Haskell—Math

Megan Hazelwood—Math

Allison Howard—Reading

Cole Ingran—Science

Austin Jackman—Math

Erin Jansen—Reading

Louis Joslyn—Math

Heather Karlin—Math

Jennifer Katzer—Science

Cody Keener—Math

Karley Kile—Reading and Math

Brandon Kraus—Writing

Brian Lamoreux—Science and Writing

Lyndsey Lober—Math

Colton Lowe—Reading

Zachary McElmurry—Reading

Jake Mindez—Math

Paris Nottingham—Math

Ellie Parr—Math

Claire Peterson—Math

Michael Pouliot—Writing

Katlyn Pratt—Science

Kara Protasio—Reading and Math

John Robbs—Reading and Math

Ryan Rogers—Reading

Britton Schroeder—Math

Will Simmons—Math

Jalinn Sommer—Science

Annie Taylor—Reading and Math

Colin Thomas—Reading

Chelsea Turk—Reading

Justin Vander Tuig—Reading and Math

Ann Wallsmith—Reading

Tony Weiss—Reading

Andy Woods—Science

Brian Wright—Math

Kole Young--math

Journalism Awards:

Amanda Ciambrone- Editor in Chief

Ashley Bennett—Editor in Chief

MacKenzie Flory—Editor in Chief and Photographer of the Year

Kaylin McCrary—Editor in Chief and Pioneer Staff Member of the Year

Molly Bostwick—Editor in Chief and Bulletin Staff Member of the Year

Julie Hill—Editor in Chief

KSPA State Journalism Contest:

Brandon Kraus-3rd place Newspaper Sports Writing

Brandon Kraus-Honorable Mention Yearbook Sports Writing

KSPA Regional Journalism Contest:

Josh Hanson-1st place Infographics

Brandon Kraus-1st place Newspaper Sports Writing

2nd place Yearbook Sports Writing

Taylor Brown-Infographics

Julie Hill-Editorial Cartoon

Other Scholarships

Anna Baughan—Vincent de Paul Scholarship from the Sisters of Leavenworth Health System and Fairchild Scholarship from KSU

Lauren Barnes—Kassebaum Scholarship and Putnam Scholarship from KSU

Chloe Gaylord—Activity Scholarship at KSU

Julie Hill—Achievement Award from KSU

Sam Cooper—Miller Black and Gold Award, Academic Opportunity in Political Science, and AOE (Housing Reduction Award) all from Fort Hays State University

Katlyn Pratt—Miller Black and Gold Award, Fort Hays State University

Patrick Pinault—Academic Excellence Award, McPherson College


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