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BHS baseball coach resigns

May 27, 2010

Three days after his season ended, Brock Hartshorn decided it was time to resign.

Hartshorn announced on Thursday afternoon that he will be stepping down as head coach of the Baldwin High School baseball team after four years at the helm. His Bulldogs finished the season with a 6-13 record.

He sent an e-mail Thursday afternoon that went to the school district administration, school board members, parents, players and the Baldwin City Signal. His e-mail reads as follows.

“Effective May 21, 2010, I resign my position as head baseball coach of Baldwin High School. This was something I considered last year for the same reasons, which I will outline below, but changed my mind at the request of several varsity baseball players. This year the reasons given below outweigh everything else.

“First, the bullying mentality that is allowed to take place toward players, coaches and umpires has forced me to consider the effects of these actions on my family. I can not allow my family to take the brunt of hateful comments when there is no unreplicable (sic) advantage to my family of having me as the coach of BHS baseball.

“Second, because of the atmosphere created when the above is allowed, the ability to show young, developing players a positive model for which character is established is hampered. The reason most men coach is to develop young men, not just for the sport at hand, but to help them develop character traits that are known to make men successful, responsible citizens in life after high school. Given the hours and personal monetary and equipment donations made to the program, there is no monetary advantage in coaching. I coach to make players better, on the field and off the field.

“Finally, I must say that there have been many pleasant memories coaching baseball at BHS these last four years. There are several fine young men that have left me with baseball memories I will treasure all my life. It is my hope that the administration and school board of USD 348 will take a hard look at this issue facing their district and determine how they will meet the standards set by KSHSAA to ‘elevate standards of good sportsmanship and to encourage growth of good citizenship among students and spectators.’ ~ KSHSAA website.”


Brock Hartshorn

His resignation will now go before the school board before it can officially be approved. The school board will next meet June 7.


Torch 10 years, 4 months ago

Bullying in general is on the rise everywhere. And we've seen many examples of it here in Baldwin. Don't fool yourself - it's a real issue in this town.


jmyrick 10 years, 3 months ago

I've heard a lot of comments on this story in person. I'd like to hear more from Baldwin High players and parents, as well as others. Let's talk this out.


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