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Rep. Brown files for re-election

May 26, 2010

As expected, State Rep. Tony Brown, D-Baldwin City, filed for re-election Wednesday morning in Topeka.

Brown has represented the 10th district, which covers Baldwin City, Wellsville, north Ottawa and south Lawrence, for the past two years.

“I’m running because I want to be a voice for public school teachers and students, persons with disabilities and Kansas seniors,” said Brown. “I believe Kansas has a responsibility to support programs that serve these groups. I want to make sure we live up to that responsibility.”

Before he was elected to the Kansas House in 2008, Brown was a professor at Baker University and a member of the Baldwin City Council.

“Kansans are facing real challenges that require sensible solutions,” he said. “It’s time we put aside partisan politics and get to work for the people we are elected to serve.”

Two Republicans — Terri Lois Gregory, Baldwin City, and Scott James Barnhart, Ottawa — have filed for the seat and will face off in an August primary.


TheOnlyGreyghost 8 years ago

Unless you are accusing someone of hijacking Torch's name, you need a comma after "really," thelongestetcetera.... You might want to lowercase that "really," while you're at it.

After you have worked out the rudiments of the English language, you may join the adults in the parlor to discuss politics.

Here's to another successful race, Tony! Your hard work in Topeka is greatly appreciated. Watch those all-nighters, now...


NanCrisp 8 years ago

ROFLMAO, Only. You take the cake. Typically you waste hundreds of words, not to mention our time, railing against people whom you think are acting like know-it-alls, then you exert every possible effort to make yourself the biggest know-it-all on the block. Methinks the lady protests anything that threatens her self-imagined turf.


thelongestnameonthespeakoutttt 8 years ago

thxs 4 the Inglish lessin.

Teach it to Someone who Wants you Worthless Advice.


TheOnlyGreyghost 8 years ago

Please, Nanny Goat... Do not subject us to the unsavory image of you rolling your fat .... on the floor laughing.... especially when your amusing sally is such a weak one. "...threatens her self-imagined turf"?

Um.... okaaaayyyy... Since that comment has no bearing on anything in the article or the thread, I'll have to assume you've lapsed into your usual delusions or that you're just trying to hack up a little of the spite you've been choking on since your last Speakout thrashing. Get it all out, honey! You'll feel better.

Throw your weak little punches while you roll around in spasms. I'll deftly step around you, as always. (Oh--and wipe your mouth--there's a good girl.)

longestname....~~ You're so very welcome. Come back in a decade or so and let us know how the semiliteracy thing is working out for you.


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