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Electrical rate increase is on Baldwin City Council agenda tonight

May 17, 2010

The Baldwin City Council will meet tonight at 7:30 at the American Legion Hall. Included in the agenda is discussion regarding a possible electrical rate increase. Here’s the agenda:

City of Baldwin City

Regular Meeting of the Governing Body

Monday, May 17, 2010 – 7:30 P.M.

American Legion/City Hall


I. Call to Order: The Hon. Ken Wagner

II. Public Comments and Questions

III. Consent Agenda: (All matters listed on the Consent Agenda are to be considered under one motion and will be enacted by one

motion. There is to be no separate discussion on any Consent Agenda Item. If discussion is desired by an elected official of the City on any

Consent Agenda item, then that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately).

A. Consider the draft minutes of the May 5, 2010 Regular Meeting

B. Consider Appropriation Ordinance No. 2010-5B: claims against the City for goods

provided and services rendered.

IV. Committee/Commission Reports or Presentations

A. Public Works/Utility Committee: Ted Brecheisen

B. Community Development Committee: Bonnie Plumberg

V. Special Reports or Presentations

A. US56/Bridge Improvements: Earl Bosak, KS Dept. of Transportation

VI. Unfinished Business

A. (none)

VII. New Business

A. Consider an ordinance amending the size and term schedule for the Baldwin City

Planning Commission.

B. Consider an ordinance amending electric utility rates.

C. Consider authorizing the city administrator to accept a proposal for substation

improvements from Eaton Corporation of Lenexa, Kansas in amount of $290,431.

D. Consider authorizing the city administrator to negotiate and enter into agreement with

the Baldwin Business and Professional Women regarding leasing city property for a

community garden.

E. Conduct a work session for general discussion on business park development.

VIII. Discussion Items from Council Members or Staff (not for action at this time)

IX. Schedule & Announcements (upcoming meetings & events)

A. Public Health & Safety Committee: 4:00 pm, May 28 @ City Hall

B. City-wide Cleanup: 8am – 2pm, June 12 @ 1100 Orange St

C. Community Development Committee: 4:00 pm, June 14 @ City Hall

X. Executive Session

(as required)

XI. Adjourn


Stacy Napier 8 years ago

Somebody call the police now because we are going to get raped tonight!


BaldwinDad 8 years ago

LoL...I would agree, as much as I love Baldwin City it's becoming too expensive to live here. This electrical increase, water increase next year, and the upcoming property tax increase we will have to pass in the next 2-4 years to improve our schools since all the previous tax increases where too short sighted and inefficient to the task is just going to make living here too costly for most average income family.


khayes 8 years ago

BOHICA.....Bend Over Here it Comes Again....

I think its time for City Hall to have another enema similiar to the one 10 years ago.....


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