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Letters to the Editor

July 22, 2010

To the editor:

Thank you to all of the community members who supported the Baldwin Community Arts Council's July Art Walk.

We had 10 artists displaying their works, two potter's wheels going with quite a line of children anxious to get their hands on the clay. Several individual musicians were playing along the sidewalks on both sides of Eighth Street.

I imagine the very threatening-looking clouds kept more artists from coming out, but thanks to those clouds, the temperature dropped and made for a very comfortable evening for the crowd that turned out. We served 140 bowls of ice cream and lots of cookies. Thanks to those who donated the delicious cookies.

Winner of July Art Walk Patrons Award ($50 of art from BCAC artists displaying Friday night) was Scott Sconce. Winner of People’s Choice was watercolor artist Carol Peters, winning $50 in Baldwin Bucks.

Join us next month on Aug. 20 for a hands-on “glazing party” and lots more artists with their amazing works.

Diane Niehoff

Baldwin City

The advantage of living in a small town...

To the editor:

It's 7:51 p.m. Tuesday, July 20, and my wife and I have been bailing water from our sump pump pit in our basement for quite a while now. A few hours earlier the weather was starting to get ugly and eventually it turned to torrential rain. My wife went to check the basement to see if our sump pump had kicked on; when it hadn't, we got a little worried. I quickly discovered that our sump pump motor had burnt up and would be the cause of our eventual bucket brigade.

So, again, it's 7:51 p.m. and I race to Arrowhead Hardware to purchase a new sump pump so that I could save us from bailing water all night.

Frantically driving through the flooded streets of Baldwin City, I headed to Arrowhead in hopes of catching them before they close. Now, it's pouring down rain as I pull in the parking lot and I'm holding onto hope that they are still open. As I park, a pickup truck pulls in about the same time. I see the owner of Arrowhead Hardware, Gary Lamoreux, get out of his truck and walk to the front door. I do the same thing and Gary informs me that they closed an hour ago. I asked him if he knew anyone else in town who I could buy a sump pump from as mine had failed and I wasn't terribly interested in bailing water all night. I must have had the most pitiful look of desperation on my face because it took him all of about two seconds to say, “Hey, come on in and we'll get you fixed up.” As we headed to the back of the store to pick out a new pump, he told me that he didn't have a way to ring me up as everything was shut off for the night — that I could stop by the next day with the empty box and they could ring it up then. Gary's next line to me

was.... “That's the advantage of living in a small town.”

Thank you Gary, IOU one.

P.S. With a ton of help from my brother, our new sump pump was installed and we stopped bailing immediately.

Doug Barth

Baldwin City

To the editor:

Raise your hand if you are sick of watching Tiahrt and Moran bloody each other with lies and half-truths in their vicious TV ads. I learned politics from my dad, who said: “Just tell the voters what you stand for. Don’t even mention your opponent’s name—why give him the free advertising?” That would be a relief.

As a Democrat, I should be glad that both Moran and Tiahrt have proved they lack the integrity to be a United States Senator. The polls say the TV ads are driving many Republicans and independents to vote for the Democratic nominee.

The press reports that just to win the primary election, Tiahrt and Moran will spend over $5 million of special interest money. Ironically, many special interests have contributed to both candidates, just to be sure they own the Republican that wins the primary. If either wins the general election, special interests will pull his chain every vote. And they won’t vote on the side of the workers, children or seniors.

All of a sudden, I understand--they are more interested in impressing the big corporations. Last month, Bill Moyers said it on his last broadcast: Big corporations have converted America into a “plutocracy.” Our corporate royalty has more wealth and power than the King of England before the American Revolution.

Dad also said:

“In politics, your word is your only currency. When you devalue that, you are broke.”

Ironically, with millions stuffed in their pockets, Moran and Tiahrt are both flat broke.

Claude Lee, 5633 SW Hawick Lane, Topeka


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