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Agenda for tonight’s Baldwin School Board meeting

July 12, 2010

The Baldwin School Board's meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the District Office is likely to be a lengthy one. Here's the full agenda.


P.O. BOX 67



District Office

708 Chapel Street

July 12, 2010

6:30 p.m.

A. Call to order by board president

B. Approval of agenda (D/A)

C. Organizational Items (D/A)

  1. Election of Officers

a. Board President

b. Vice President

D. Executive Sessions – personnel, negotiations

E. Consent agenda – Approval of minutes, regular bills and payrolls (D/A)

F. Recognition

  1. BHS Girls/Boys state track students

G. Public comment – Audience (student, patron, staff input) (D/A)

H. Financial report (D/A)

  1. Roof Bids

  2. Milk Bids

I. Administrative reports (D/A)

  1. Shaun Moseman

J. Old business (D/A)

  1. Destruction of records

  2. Policy FA – Naming of Facilities

  3. Budgeting for district facilities

  4. Classified Early Retirement

  5. Baldwin Education Foundation designations

K. New business (D/A)

  1. All day kindergarten

  2. Transportation

  3. Policy Review: JQKA-348, Foreign Exchange Students; KASB recommended policies:

BDA, Developing and Adopting Policy; ED, Student Transportation Management; EDAA,

School Vehicles; GARID, Military Leave; IC,Educational Program; ICAA, Teaching Methods;

ID,Curriculum Design; JBE,Truancy; JR,Student Records; JRC, Disposition of Records

  1. Appointments:

a. Clerk of the Board

b. Board Treasurer

c. Freedom of Information Officer

  1. Designations:

a. Deputy Clerk

b. School Board Attorney

c. Auditor

d. Official Publication

e. Board Meeting Dates/Times

f. Depositories – Official depositories for district funds

g. Representative for: Impact Aid, Title I and Title II and consolidated grant


h. Truancy Officers

i. Special Education Co-op Representative

j. Petty Cash Accounts

k. KPERS Representative

l. Food service program authorized representative and free and reduced application

determination official.

m. Approve purchases written in accordance with KSA 10-1113

n. Approve waiver of generally accepted accounting principles

o. Mileage Rate Approved

p. School Lunch prices

q. Textbook rental fees

r. User Fees

s. Adopt school calendar - 1116-Hour Calendar

t. Adopt early payment request policy

u. Discrimination compliance officer for Free and reduced priced meal application


v. Set Copy fee (CN-44 Public Records)

w. Resolution to Establish Home Rule

x. Assign Homeless Coordinator (JBCA-44 Homeless Students)

y. Rescind/Adopt Policy Manual

L. Board member input

  1. Co-op report (D)

  2. Miscellaneous (D/A)

M. Superintendent's report (D/A)

N. Executive sessions – personnel, negotiations (D)

O. Consider executive session matters (D/A)

P. Discussion items (D)

Q. Adjournment (A)


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