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Letters to the Editor

July 8, 2010

To the editor:

Isn't it sad that we have an activity director for the city of Baldwin City that is so uninterested in our lovely city to not “remember” to plan for a Fourth of July fireworks show that is enjoyed by so many of the fine folks that live here?

If that individual is not interested in our community then maybe we should replace him with a person that has the community more in their scope of interest.

If being out of town and not planning or arranging for the show to go on as usual (by other very qualified folks - those that have done such a fine job past years), maybe they should relocate to another town and seek a different type of employment without asking the folks of Baldwin City for any recommendations.

Dorothy Martin

Baldwin City

To the editor:

Seussical was wonderful! We are so fortunate to have so much talent and a play of this caliber right here in Baldwin City. The cast, crew, stage design and costumes were awesome. It took many long hours of work to make this happen. On behalf of those of us in the community that had the pleasure of attending, thank you to all those that were a part of it.

Ed and Joanne Kite

Baldwin City

To the editor:

My left hand, which was badly damaged in my fall, has made a complete recovery. My daughter unearthed her old Brothers word processor and I am back in business! To my great surprise, a nearby Staples has a complete aisle of Brothers products.

I told the clerk that I had not seen a Staples in Kansas. He said, “Well, Kansas has nothing.” I immediately jumped to Kansas’ defense. I said, “I beg your pardon, but they have Dorothy and Toto.” His reply was, “I mean I think the entire state has only four Staples stores.”

Happy Fourth of July. A column will soon follow.

June Jewett

Temporarily of Texas

(Editor’s note: Longtime Signal columnist June Jewett had a mild stroke last month and is recuperating at her daughter’s home in Texas.)


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