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Letters to the Editor

February 25, 2010

To the editor:

I am a conservative-leaning independent; my wife is a democrat. Neither of us could stomach the idea of Sam Brownback as Governor of Kansas: his Washington-style lose-lose partisanship, his politics of “no,” his far right perspective wherein government is subverted to dictate personal values and religious morals for all. Sam Brownback’s record shows that he “hears” only special interests with political clout. Brownback seems to have forgotten that government exists for the public good, doing collectively what no individual can do alone.

Over the past six years we have come to know and view Tom Holland as our personal representative. He listens. Time and again Tom proved that our priorities for government were his priorities. Tom has a great feel for what government should and should not do. His record as a private businessman, representative and senator shows that he will always strive for government efficiency. At the same time, Tom is willing to fund those priorities that are the foundation of good government: education, public safety, economic development and social services for the needy.

Like the coming spring, news of Tom Holland’s candidacy for Governor was welcome and refreshing. Think about your choice. Get to know him. Tom Holland for Governor! Jeff and Robin Richards


To the editor:

Regarding the recent meeting about the road-building on U.S. Highway 56: although we did not attend the meeting, we read the article in the newspaper and saw the statement,

“People who attended were relieved that the proposed Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Intermodal transportation hub near Gardner won’t dump an unbearable amount of diesel truck traffic through Baldwin City.”

But I am very concerned that the expanded four-lane highway which goes through Baldwin City or goes around our town will get used by 1,000-3,000 trucks per day coming from the Gardner Intermodal. Do Baldwin City citizens really want all the diesel pollution, noise, dust and highway wear and tear from these semis? Although a $50 million stimulus grant was not awarded to the intermodal project, KDOT plans to continue building the U.S. 56 upgrade anyway. Why? Because that is what we taxpayers want? If the owner of BNSF — Warren Buffett — wants the road upgrade, why not let him pay for the upgrade instead of foisting the cost on taxpayers? And as for jobs, BNSF typically pays out only $8.50 per hour to intermodal workers in other cities. Let’s get educated on the environmental and human effects of all the road building and truck traffic expected.

Barbara Johnston

Baldwin City

To the editor:

I read with interest that the Baldwin area State Sen. Tom Holland entered the gubernatorial race.

I was disappointed the Senator chose to announce his bid in front of a Topeka school rather than in front of Vinland Elementary School. A school in the community he serves, which may very well close thanks the “failed (Topeka) politics and divisive agenda” of the Kansas legislature and governor.

I was disappointed that Sen. Holland chose to initiate his campaign with mud slinging while standing on the steps of a school. And, I wonder, if Sen. Brownback is to blame for so much of what is wrong in Washington and the nation, should not Sen. Holland shoulder the blame for the incredible financial situation we Kansans find ourselves in?

I am disappointed that the Signal endorsed a candidate so early in the election year, before all have announced their candidacy, before there has been any debate or opportunity for the people to observe and engage the candidates.

Chainy Folsom

Rural Baldwin City


Torch 8 years, 3 months ago

Chainy...Vinland may close because there is no money. There's no money here because there's no money at the state. What services do you want eliminated in order to pay for schools? Snow removal? Highway patrol? Road improvements?

What's your idea to scare up $400 million in tax revenue shortfall?

The schools are bloated and over-staffed. Vinland and MS are luxuries this disctrict couldn't afford 5 years ago and certainly can't now. Get over it. It's long overdue.


thtb 8 years, 3 months ago


The schools are bloated and over-staffed. I think most teachers in this area would find you comments outrageous. As an educator I can say that we do more with less and just to help you out a bit...last year the state of Kansas lost between 1,500-2,500 teachers. How many more people in Kansas do you want unemployed? Tom Holland has it right on education and Holland is right when it comes to Brownback's embarrassing record.

Thank you, an Educator who supports Tom Holland


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