Letters to the Editor

December 9, 2010

To the editor:

After reading the opinions about the proposed district budget cuts on the Baldwin Signal’s website and attending the public hearing, I think I finally have some clear conclusions!

1) Apparently Baldwin residents are dastardly criminals that care only about robbing small children of their education. 2) Mr. Dorathy and the members of the school board are villains that are conspiring to increase class sizes (by no more than three per class) and therefore effectively ruining the lives of hundreds of students! And 3) Apparently re-allocated funds simply disappear from the budget never to be seen again!

I am nearing the second half of my senior year and lately I have been saddened. It seems that in my elementary school years I suffered a terrible fate. According to the opinions I have read and heard, Baldwin Elementary School is not fit for students. I sure wish I had known that back when I started kindergarten! Who knows where I would be now if I had attended Vinland Elementary School or Marion Springs Elementary School? Maybe by this time in my life I would be an Eagle Scout, or have won a national engineering competition, or even better... met the president! Yeah, we better not close those schools, we cannot afford to send students to BES, just look how I turned out!

With feigned sincerity,

Brandon Baltzell

Eagle Scout

National Champion

BES Alumnus

To the editor:

Fashionably late is something I cringe at, but fashionably late I am with this.

I want to thank the Chamber of Commerce of Baldwin City for the fun time citizens had Nov. 20 during the Holiday Parade of Floats. While I had a pervious commitment, I was assured it was fun and turnout was great.

Baker University submitted a float, Baker’s Veteran Memorial, which was dedicated to all students, faculty and staff who served our country, and we won first place.

While this is exciting for us, the true winners are those who will benefit from out first-place winnings. Proceeds have already been spent and sent the food pantry at Baldwin First United Methodist Church. It is our sincere wish that this small contribution will help bring comfort and strength to our neighbors.

I also want to thank those who helped on the float. Without these people, we never could have pulled it off.

Jen McCollough, David Routh, Lynda Lewis, Brenda Walden, Erin Falter, Deborah Shields, Phil Hannon, WoWzer — all Baker employees — spent personal sweat and time in creating, decorating and presenting the float to Baldwin.

Thanks to Myra Glover and Cleo Langley for their patience in getting us information and providing a professional introduction for our float. And to Nancy Richard for contacting “fans” of Baker to help, especially since time was critical.

Thanks to Bill Clement, John and Bette Stefanik, whom I can’t thank enough for their penmanship and tireless effort in writing names on our memorial wall. I know how stiff my had was and how my neck popped after hours of writing, and you three put in more time writing than any of us.

Thanks again to all who helped and to the Baldwin community. Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Kelly Garrison

Float committee member

To the editor:

Thanks to all who helped make my 90th birthday celebration a wonderful occasion. I very much appreciated all the cards, e-mails and phone calls I received. I was so good to see all my friends.

I hope to see you all again in 10 years.

Pat Young

Baldwin City

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