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Mediacom optic cable cut near Baldwin Junction; service restored
02:45 p.m., August 5, 2010 Updated 04:02 p.m.
The fiber-optic cable providing cable and Internet to Baldwin City has been cut again.
Services Monday for former Kansas chief justice
11:59 a.m., August 5, 2010 Updated 10:00 p.m.
Former Kansas Chief Justice Robert E. Davis, who announced his retirement Tuesday from the state Supreme Court , died late Wednesday at his home in Leavenworth.
Day trip possibility? Vintage baseball game at Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum
August 5, 2010
The Abilene IronCutters once again will face the Cowtown 9, donning uniforms from the 1860s and playing vintage baseball, this time at 1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 14, on the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum grounds in Abilene.
Commuter forecast for August 5, 2010
August 5, 2010
The morning drive will be in some comfortable weather with temperatures hanging in the low 70s. Skies should be partly cloudy to mostly sunny with no weather-related traffic delays to slow you down.
New BHS soccer coach excited for upcoming season
August 5, 2010
Mark Joslyn has been trying his hardest to prepare the Baldwin High School soccer team for the upcoming season during the summer. He is the Bulldogs’ third coach in four years. Gus Wegner started the program and coached for three years. Then Matt McCune took over the reins for two years. Now, it’s Joslyn’s turn with the newest BHS program.
Neighbors: Margaret Counts
August 5, 2010
Name: Margaret Counts Occupation: Retired dental technician
Growing greatness
August 5, 2010
With the continued mixture of heat and rain, conditions have been good for the growing season. Douglas County Extension Agents Bill Wood (crops) and Jennifer Smith (horticulture) shared their thoughts on the season.
New elementary school won’t be open in time
August 5, 2010
On Tuesday, Baldwin City parents and students found out that their new school building wouldn’t be open Aug. 17 for the first day of elementary classes. It was district-wide enrollment day on Tuesday, but that’s when the news was given to parents and students at Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center and Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center.
Baker named one of Midwest’s best colleges
August 5, 2010
Baker University has been named one of the top 152 colleges in the Midwest by The Princeton Review. The news came Monday on the its website,
Letters to the Editor
August 5, 2010
To the editor: I would like to thank City Administrator Jeff Dingman for ensuring that the flashing crosswalk beacons were placed at Eighth and Ames streets.
Small town marathon experiences
August 5, 2010
For their 14th wedding anniversary, Baldwin City residents Kit and Sarah Harris ran across San Francisco’s famed Golden Gate Bridge. Then they ran back across it. They continued running for many more miles until their 26.2-mile race was complete. On July 25, the local couple completed the San Francisco Marathon on the day before their anniversary.
Baldwin City mill levy to rise 1.895 mills
August 5, 2010
It came as no surprise that the mill levy for Baldwin City took a jump this year by 1.895 mills. Last year, the mill levy used to raise taxes went down slightly to 30.538 mills. This year it went up to 32.433.