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Board has done its homework

Our View Editorial

April 29, 2010

We don’t envy the decisions that the Baldwin School Board is about to have to make, but we will give them high marks for the homework done ahead of having to potentially cut another $500,000 from the district budget.

Starting in January, a fact-finding committee looked into numerous areas of the school district to determine what could be saved by making cuts or changes to the school operations. The committee wasn’t charged with making recommendations; it was to determine if “X” is done, “X” amount of dollars would be saved.

Those facts, not opinions, were presented to the school board. The board then held a series of public-input meetings to hear what patrons of the district thought about the potential cuts.

The board has also met almost weekly, instead of the normal once or twice a month, to gain more insight. We applaud all these efforts and wish the best for the board in making the final decisions once the moving target of state funding is known. It won’t be easy.


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