Fundraising efforts are underway to help BHS graduate

April 15, 2010

Friends of Allyson Sass, who is battling a deadly disease, are rallying together for fundraisers to help defray costs of a stem-cell treatment that’s hoped to save her life.

“Allyson is a wonderful young lady and has been inspiring all of us as long as we have known her,” said Amy Adamson, a family friend who is helping to spearhead the fundraising efforts.

Sass, a 2009 Baldwin High School graduate, who is a freshman at Baker University, was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type II (NF2), which causes benign tumors that grow on the cranial and spinal nerves, in 2007. In January, she learned the tumors had continued to develop and she suffered a mild stroke.

Her father, Chris, who also had NF2, died in 2000 at the age of 38 after he became blind in one eye, deaf in both ears and was eventually paralyzed. He didn’t die from the disease, but the risky surgeries to try and correct the problems. That’s what is trying to be avoided with the stem-cell treatment. Chris’ father also had NF2 and died when he was 33 in 1966.

The fundraisers include ordering burritos and a Chris Cakes Pancake Supper from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Baldwin City Fire Station. The burritos can be purchased for $18 a dozen or $10 a half dozen by contacting They are available in two varieties — meat, bean and cheese or bean and cheese. Sales will end Saturday and the burritos will be available April 24.

“Everyone can participate in supporting Allyson,” said Adamson. “They can purchase burritos, sell burritos, contribute burrito-making supplies and help make burritos. They can attend the Chris Cakes fundraiser on Sunday evening.

“They can donate directly through,” she said. “They can pray for healing, strength, safe travels and a cure. During these tough economic times, we need to all come together for the common good. It lifts one’s spirit to help another.”

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