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Letters: Another speech needed

September 24, 2009

To the editor:

A few days ago I watched as our president made a speech to our school kids. I thought it was good, however he should have made another one directed to school teachers and staff of the schools.

My grandson, a senior at Bonner Springs, had just told us he was interested in going to Pittsburg State University. Having been a band member since his fifth grade, he was interested in a music scholarship. His mother had made reservations to attend an event at PSU, to tour the campus, meet with professors and also see a football game, where the Pittsburg State Marching band would perform.

He asked his band teacher to be excused from an event in order to attend. His band teacher refused to excuse him. He and his mother have exhausted the entire chain of command, including the school board, but have been unable to get him excused.

Now if he goes he will have a reduction in his grade. His band handout even lists this as one of the reasons for an excused absence.

This does not in any way encourage students to better their education, and the school staff should be ashamed of their decision.

Jim Ramey

Kansas City, Kan.


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