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Letter to the editor

September 24, 2009

To the editor:

I want to thank our city administrator for giving us, the citizens of Baldwin City, an update on the roadwork and new culverts being installed at Third and Elm streets. The article on page 3 of The Signal last week failed to mention that the workers had to replace an 8-10-foot section of damaged 8-inch sewer pipe that runs right down the middle of Third Street, which my residence connects to. There was a 10-12-foot section of damaged 12-inch pipe replaced on Elm Street as well.

Both of these sewer pipes are instrumental in carrying the sewage away from my house and others in the neighborhood. But there was some sort of failure in the sewer system in our area back in the spring of this year. Those types of failures cause the city sewers to make their way into many finished basements.

It has been communicated to me by reputable plumbers in Baldwin City that our city sewer system not only carries sewage but also accepts and co-mingles storm/rain water in the main sewage system (all over the city). I have also had two city officials refute that claim.

Is it any wonder they are now replacing many of the worn-out sewer systems in Baldwin?

Mike Everett

Baldwin City


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