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Letters to the Editor

September 10, 2009

To the editor:

This letter is prompted by the article that appeared in the Baldwin City Signal Sept. 3 entitled “Downtown district rules to be enforced.” I agree 100 percent with the article and hope increased enforcement will reduce the number of violations that have been occurring.

I’m sure there are many young persons who ride bicycles and are not aware of the state regulations regarding bicycles. The “Kansas Driving Handbook” prepared by the Driver’s License Examining Bureau states on page 24, “As an operator of a bicycle, the cyclist is expected to obey all traffic laws and regulations on the streets, roads and highways of the State.” Granted, many young people probably haven’t read this publication; however, the parents of youngsters who ride bicycles should make their children aware of the rules and regulations regarding bicycle riding. I’ve noticed that it’s not only youngsters who ignore the regulations regarding bicycle riding. I’ve seen many adults who obviously don’t follow the regulations.

Regarding the “No U-Turn, No Left Turn To Park” violations. In my opinion, disregard for laws and regulations are partially responsible for what I believe is the deterioration of our society. Some people seem to either just disregard laws and regulations they don’t agree with or think, “This is a small town, so I don’t need to follow the laws like they do in the city.”

Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

Cecil Fish

Baldwin City

To the editor:

Concerning Rep. Lynn Jenkin's remark that the Republicans need to look for a great white hope, I would remark that Kansas Second District needs to look for a great "bright" hope. Jenkins is obviously not that hope.

Bootsie Lauridsen

Baldwin City

To the editor:

I attended the Bash on Friday night and I have always taken pride in the turnout of the people of Baldwin City in support of our kids. However, I went to the stadium with my wife and some friends on Sunday afternoon to continue our own version of Dog Days and I was ashamed at how the stadium looked two days after the Bash.

I have lived next to the stadium for several years and this was the worst I have seen the stadium look after a football game. Baker has spent a lot of money to provide a classy stadium and the people of Baldwin should show more respect in the appearance.

Baker University doesn't have to share its stadium, but as a show of respect to the property and appreciation for the use of such a fine facility, we need to do our part.

Baker always has someone out picking up trash the day after its football games and as a neighbor to the stadium it has always been appreciated. The school district should provide the same service after the high school games.

At the least, the fans should throw away their trash as they leave. Have some pride and make sure going forward we do our part in keeping the stadium looking respectful after a football game.

Tom Farmer

City Councilman for Baldwin City

To the editor:

The students and staff of Vinland Elementary School would like to thank many people for making the annual ice cream social/open house on Aug. 25 a success.

We would like to thank Dave Norris for organizing this event, Alice Rockhold for the many cookies she generously baked, Frank Foye of Santa Fe Market for donating the spoons, Vinland PTO for purchasing the ice cream and such, Joanne Morgan for coordinating the child care, and everyone else who helped in some way.

It is people like you that make the Vinland community so strong.

Loretta Verhaeghe

Vinland Site Council


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