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Letters to the Editor

November 25, 2009

To the editor:

On behalf of the Baldwin Education Foundation, I would like to thank the sponsors, players and raffle donors for making the third Bunko for BEF a huge success. The event raised more than $1,400 for the foundation. This money will help fund the “excellence grants” awarded to each school in the spring.

Special thanks go out to Ric and Angela Gere of Hickory Creek Barbecue and Reece and Nichols Gold Realty for their terrific support. Also our thanks go to Krystal Williams for helping chair the event.

Again, please accept our many thanks to our generous community for their support of the Foundation and our kids.

Kathy Gerstner

Executive Director

Baldwin Education Foundation

To the editor:

Last Wednesday there was an informative citizen meeting at the Baldwin City Library regarding the Intermodal Rail Trucking Hub BNSF plans to locate between Gardner and Edgerton. A local resident asked HELP (Hillsdale Environmental Loss Prevention) to organize a meeting about the impacts of intermodals. Effects on water, air and roads were discussed to provide understanding of what industrialization of this area would bring. With roads, the conversation turned to the current Kansas Department of Transportaton study of U.S. Highway 56. The mayor helped explain the Baldwin City map found at the KDOT site:, which includes a potential arterial route for U.S. 56 south of the city.

People were concerned that truck traffic for the intermodal would have an effect on Baldwin City regardless of the route the trucks took, especially regarding the health and safety of children. The question arose, “What can we do?” HELP representatives encouraged citizens to become active in the process by attending KDOT meetings and working with local officials. They also expressed that they are pursuing legal means to force an Environmental Impact Statement and Health Risk Assessment of the intermodal and all development related to it. They announced the forming of a Baldwin City HELP Committee to support working for an EIS and HRA in general and for becoming active in the KDOT study as a citizen group. Their Web site was given as the contact for the committee and a way to become more familiar with intermodal issues and effects.

Linda Meisinger



KL 8 years, 6 months ago

Yeah yeah Linda. Act like you are and independent entity in all this you are great self promoter. The propaganda your little HELP group is espousing has nothing to do with the reality of the Edgerton intermodal.


jen 8 years, 6 months ago

Please relax KL. You obviously have not been keeping up to date with this. HELP is little by no means and has many supporters from large organizations to individuals. We may not all agree on ideas but one thing that should be agreed on is to do what we can to ensure this facility does not affect us negatively.


KL 8 years, 6 months ago


HELP has the notion that they can somehow stop this project. I assume having it go away is what you mean by "not affect us negatively".

It is kind of cute that people believe they have that kind of power, but travelling from town to town holding little "infomercials" about how this is going to make eastern Kansas like the LA Basin is a bit absurd.


jen 8 years, 6 months ago

I understand and agree that the intermodal will likely not go away.

The "negatively" things that we can possibly have some control on are the environmental impacts.

I understand this entire issue is hard to grasp as it is full of a lot of information. However, if you have some time take a look at the facts and the large scale of this project. It may open your eyes.

Not on the attack. No one is out to attack others on this but simply to get others to speak up and take some ownership in our taxes and our health. But I am wondering what your reality of the Edgerton intermodal is? Maybe you could add some informational facts that we are not aware of.


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