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Rakes elected to international code board

November 19, 2009

Baldwin City has gone to the international level.

Tina Rakes, code administrator for the city, was recently elected to the International Codes Council’s board of directors. She will serve a three-year term on the board, which consists of 18 people from around the country. The ICC has 350 chapters and 50,000 members.

“The International Codes Council is an organization comprising code professionals, industry people, first responders,” said Rakes, who has been involved at the state level for years and was the president of the Heart of America chapter for the last two years. “The organization is set up to allow all the interested people to be involved in the code-writing process.”

The codes are updated every three years and Baldwin City follows them.

“These are the codes that protect us in our built environment,” she said.

Her accomplishment isn’t lost by City Administrator Jeff Dingman.

“Tina’s appointment to the board of directors of the ICC will provide her with both experience and access to resources and professional colleagues that will be of benefit to Baldwin City,” said Dingman. “Her involvement in the discussions steering the direction of the ICC and the building codes that they produce will provide us, as her local jurisdiction, some insight to the language of the code, their intent and proper application.”

Rakes’ work with the state and international groups does not come at the expense of Baldwin City taxpayers. She attends meetings and other events on her own time. The state group allocated $10,000 for her campaign for the international post. While serving on the ICC board, all of her expenses are covered by the board. For trips, such as one planned to Australia, she takes vacation time.

With Baldwin City’s roughly 3,800 residents, Rakes is the ICC board member from the smallest place.

“When I chose to run, part of my passion was to have a voice for smaller jurisdictions that are not being heard,” she said. “Because of their size, they have the feeling of being left out. I want to be that voice.

“It would be nice for the citizens of Baldwin City to grasp one of their residents and city employees participating at an international level,” said Rakes. “It’s not just me, it’s Baldwin City out there doing this.”

Dingman agreed.

“It is a great opportunity for Tina’s professional development, and as her local jurisdiction, we will benefit as a result of her involvement,” he said.


Peabody 8 years, 7 months ago

Congratulations to Tina on this outstanding professional accomplishment! It is well deserved and a testament to her professional expertise.

We are very fortunate to have her working for us in Baldwin City.

Tony Brown


TeaBagger 8 years, 6 months ago

I can only hope this leads to job opportunities for her outside of Baldwin City.


Peabody 8 years, 6 months ago

I'm sorry you feel that way Teabagger, as I believe Tina Rakes is an asset to our community.

But because you fail to cite specific grievances against her, it is difficult to take your post very seriously. One of the best aspects of our municipal system is that employees cannot be dismissed without cause. Rumor and personal vendetta do not suffice.

Tony Brown


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