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BHS girls excited, energetic about basketball practices

November 19, 2009

Transitioning from one sport to another can be tough, even though they take place on the same court. If you don’t believe so, just ask Baldwin High School senior Taylor Brown.

Although the BHS volleyball season finished more than three weeks ago, Brown said starting basketball is always tough. Her main reason is the type of running or lack of it during the fall that changes when she hits the court in November.

“It’s definitely hard, because basketball is all running and in volleyball, we just stand on the court,” Brown said. “It’s completely different to me. Right now, I have a red face and I’m tired. But in the end, it’s going to be worth it.”

The majority of the BHS girls’ basketball players participated in fall sport this year, especially with the returnees. The Bulldogs’ coach said the transition from one sport to another should go fairly smoothly, but the first week could be tough.

“I don’t think it’s too bad,” coach Bob Martin said. “Obviously, they are going to be sore the first week or so, because they are using different muscles than they do in volleyball, cross country or tennis. Their bases are pretty good, but they will have some aches and pains for a couple of days.”

Despite the tough transition to a sport where lots of movement and running is required, Brown couldn’t be happier that basketball started Monday.

“I always enjoy the first few days,” Brown said. “We are all excited for basketball and looking forward to the season. We have been counting down the days in our planners. Then the day finally comes and we are all so excited.”

On Monday evening, the Bulldogs kicked off their season with a two-hour practice. Some conditioning was required, but that took place at the end. They worked on fundamentals mostly, but also many basics of the game to give the girls a refresher course to begin the season.

Martin was the first to admit the Bulldogs struggled to play well, but he was proud of the effort and energy during the opening practice.

“The first days are always really exciting,” he said. “The girls are always excited for the season. There has been a lot of energy and fun thus far. The girls are very energetic and I can tell. There is a lot of enthusiasm and not a lot of execution, but that will come with time. The girls have been playing really hard and we’ll see if we can keep that up. I’m sure we will.”

The Bulldogs will have practiced for nearly three weeks when they start playing games on Dec. 4. On opening night, they travel to Central Heights. Then they will travel to Burlington for three games the following week as they play in the Bulldog/Wildcat Classic for the third straight year.

BHS will end the month with a pair of games at home. Baldwin will host De Soto. on Dec. 15 and Metro Academy on Dec. 18.

“Once we start, we play quite a few in a row without much practice,” Martin said. “So, we need to have as much in as we can by the first game, but still try to keep it simple enough that we execute. We might even add some stuff in over the break to finish it off. But we are working hard now and will keep working hard to be ready when the games start.”

If they weren’t running enough during these early practices, the Bulldogs have asked their coach to incorporate more running during the middle of the season.

“It’s getting us back in shape and it’s tough,” Brown said. “We are working really hard these first couple of days. We are getting ready for the season. We want to be able to run the floor, because we want to be a running team.

“One thing we asked coach Martin was if we could run a little bit more later in the season,” she said. “We want to stay in shape for the entire year. I don’t necessarily want more running, but we know it’s best for the team.”


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Maybe they will win a first round game this year? Praying.


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