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BHS winter practices start Monday

November 12, 2009

It’s time for Baldwin High School athletes to move inside for winter starting Monday afternoon.

The last BHS fall team finished its season Nov. 3, which gave most winter athletes nearly two weeks to prepare for their next sport, whether it’s wrestling or basketball. According to all three head coaches, the players and coaches are ready for the first day of practice.

“We can’t wait,” wrestling coach Kit Harris said. “We’ve been counting down the days. We have close to 30 who have signed up and, hopefully, we get close to that many who show up for practice Monday.”

Boys’ basketball coach Eric Toot is also ready. Several of his varsity players weren’t involved in fall sports, so they’ve been ready to hit the court for months.

“I’m excited to get going,” Toot said. “We’ve had kids working out all fall and we had great participation this summer from our young kids up to our older kids. The kids who weren’t involved in fall sports were doing conditioning after school. They started that in September and we finish that up this week. So I think they’re excited to get the season started, too.”

It’s nearly the opposite for the BHS girls’ basketball squad. Most of the players who signed up participated in a fall sport. Coach Bob Martin prefers his players to be active in the school.

“I think most of them did and it helps,” Martin said. “It keeps them in shape and it’s good to be involved. I think it’s important that the girls at our school participate in as much as they can. It helps everybody out.

“It’s always exciting when the first day comes around,” he said. “We’re looking forward to starting practice. We had our first team meeting today and they all seemed ready to go. A lot of them have been in the gym in between seasons so we’re ready to start.”

With the beginning of every sports season comes conditioning. All three BHS coaches are hoping to combine the conditioning with their other teachings, but, of course, some running at the end of practice might be in the plan, too.

“We’ll try to pick up the pace and get up and down the floor with the ball in our hands,” Toot said. “We’ll try to condition them that way. It’s always better when you can do it with a basketball in your hands. Then, of course, we’ll get them on the line and run them some.”

Along with conditioning, coaches will also try to teach the basics during the first week.

“Conditioning will be a big part of it, but there are so many things to get in,” Martin said. “We have to limit ourselves a little bit, but we want to get as much in before that first game as possible. We will be pretty busy for the first few weeks.”


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