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Baker hires women’s bowling coach

May 8, 2009

Kristal Wilson, a three time All-American, 1999 Rookie of the Year, and former Wichita State University standout, will be leading Baker University’s new women’s bowling team.

Wilson will be responsible for developing the bowling program for Baker, which is slated to begin competition next fall.


NanCrisp 9 years, 1 month ago

I'm sorry, but I don't think women's bowling is a necessary activity for a private college that is in a budget crunch and having to lay off workers. It will probably be pointed out to me that the money ponied up for this activity could not have been used elsewhere. That is a phrase I'm really tired of hearing. It's true enough, but doesn't that tell us that we need to change something????

The university that employs me is no better. Our A.D. gets a six-figures bonus and our football team gets a grand stadium remodel while the rest of the institution is in a hiring freeze, and we're all rallying to save jobs and try not to have to increase tuition.

Where is the common sense? Are we going to try to save our economy by becoming a nation of professional athletes and the lackeys who serve them?


Torch 9 years, 1 month ago

Nancrisp - I agree with your commentary. Just be aware that like any business the higher you raise tuition the fewer people will be able to attend and thus the total revenues may drop.

If the purpose of a degree is to improve the earnings potential of the recipient then even at the current tuition rates the children of the middle-class are leaving school with mortgage-level debt. That's money that won't be put into the economy after their graduation.

The pay-back on degrees as it stands now is getting longer and longer. Our kids are going to have to work until they're 30 or 35 just to break even on what they could have made becoming skilled labor.

Because of the salaries of universities and the gluttage of tertiary jobs they provide an entire generation of people are carrying an enormous debt burden. So what happens? The youngsters default on their debt and guess who takes it on? Yep. The parents - the ones already struggling to keep their homes and their retirements intact.

Thanks to the cost of higher education the next crisis is student loan defaulting. Just watch.


b8es 9 years, 1 month ago

Baker is starting a bowling program!?! How retarded. Why is it that the only department not being slashed is athletics? What is the strategy here? How does the administration think they are going to balance the books by starting such worthless programs as bowling and wrestling? I know, let's lay off more staff!


dasloaf 9 years, 1 month ago

it is called title 9. Sports balance of male and females must be equal to the % of male and female students. If you add a sport for one, you need another sport to balance your numbers. Stupid isn't it. Why add sports, to keep federal funding!


Peabody 9 years, 1 month ago


Did any of you bother to speak with University President Pat Long, College of Arts and Sciences Dean Rand Ziegler, Director of Athletics Dan Harris, any member of the Baker Board of Trustees, or ANYBODY in a decision-making capacity at Baker about the decision to develop men's wrestling and women's bowling programs?

Like all of you, I was quite skeptical of these programs when I first heard about them. These decisions, however, were made with a great deal of thought and review at multiple levels. Just because you were not part of the deliberative process does not mean it didn't occur.

Further, KU athletics operates from a separate funding mechanism than KU academics. While it may be distasteful for many of us that athletics live rich while other parts of the university beg for funding, the revenue lines are distinct. The argument is with the Kansas legislature, not the KU athletics department.

Tony Brown


bruceanderson01 9 years, 1 month ago

While the AD might be a good place to start, the people most likely to be helpful in explaining all of this are the finance people. Wrestling was started entirely on money raised by people interested in the sport (with very little seed money from Baker), and was developed as a program over 10 + years -- it is likely to bring as many as 60 students into Baker U. that would not have ordinarily considered Baker. Its a smart move, and points to recruiting efforts aimed at local families -- this part of Kansas/Missouri is great wrestling territory. Adding this sport at BU will allow these student-athletes to continue their careers at the collegiate level, and bring some very bright and active kids to Baker, too. Bowling is the Title IV "balance" sport, but will also bring in students who would have gone to other schools -- with bowling programs.

Athletics at Baker has had its budget cut, along with everyone and everything else. Tony is correct -- speak with the AD or with Dr. Long for a full explanation -- they are pretty responsive people and have a long history of openness on financial issues in this crisis time. Also, be careful to assume there are ANY similarities between KU and Baker when it comes to items like these: the differences go beyond size -- at BU, athletics is an integral part of a liberal arts education program -- nearly half of our students are varsity athletes, with modest scholarships that help pay their way, and reduce their debt load.

I would argue that at KU, athletics is big-time entertainment -- an industry unto itself -- whose participants receive massive "full ride" scholarships, and whose coaches are "bonus'ed" like AIG executives.


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