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Letters to the Editor

March 26, 2009

To the Editor:

I can’t cast a vote in the upcoming election, but I can sure voice my opinion on who I think would make the best mayor.

I have known Ken Wagner longer than anyone else in this town, therefore I can vouch that he is a man of honesty and integrity. He earned my respect many years ago when I first came to know him, as he did from the many farmers we visited when he came to Baldwin to start his business. That farmer respect is evident in the success of his business.

I respect him for the way he is an open-minded problem solver. He asks questions and listens to opinions and ideas before he takes action. Once he takes action, he stands up for what he believes in.

He is a man of his word. If he says he’s going to do something, he’ll do it. He thrives on challenges. Few men can stretch a dollar like he can. He’s conservative, but willing to spend that dollar for the right cause. Ken has a gift of seeing the way things are headed in the future and makes decisions accordingly.

If I still haven’t convinced you that he would make a great mayor, drive out by his business and see for yourself how well it’s run. That’s how Ken does things—the right way the first time. Neatly mowed grass with the machinery perfectly lined up, it makes an impressive “Welcome to our town.”

In these tough times of our economy, we especially need great leadership, and especially in the town of Baldwin.

Bob Rohe

Rural Baldwin City

Vote for Ken Wagner

To the editor:

I am supporting Ken Wagner and I hope you will as well. Leadership of any business — and our city is a business — starts at the top. Leadership has the ability to direct and lead where we go in these tough economic times. For mayor, I want a proven leader who has proven business success who can and will make the tough and unpopular decisions if, and when, needed for the best interest of our city in the short and long term. Ken has a history of personal and business success that equates to proven leadership. This is why I support Ken Wagner. This is not a time to “try something new with a lot of hype and no proven track record,” nor is it a time to stay on the current course of constantly raising our city’s income sources (taxes and utilities) rather than managing our expenses. Now more than ever, we need good business judgment and proven leadership in managing our city’s budget.

Baldwin City is at a real pivotal point in our community’s history. It has been many years since Baldwin City has faced a flat population growth, a devaluation in property values, a growing number of unemployed citizens and yet inflating or increasing operating costs to run our city. What does all this mean? Tough economic times are here at our doorstep. Most of us already feel that our tax and utility rates are high enough at this point, yet these will be the major items that our city will have to manage and work with over the next few years. How we manage and work our way through these challenges will determine our community’s affordability and livability today and tomorrow.

Being mayor is not a popularity contest. All three candidates are “good and popular“ people, but I believe we need to elect the best business leader for this tough job of “running the business” of our city in this economy.

In summary, if you know Ken, I think you will agree with me that he is a very successful and proven businessman who is capable and willing to lead us through the current economic times. If you do not know Ken, I suggest you get to know him soon so you can vote with confidence and assurance for what is truly best for our community and citizens in the short and long run.

Dave Hill

Rural Baldwin City


greyghost 9 years, 2 months ago

Just to summarize, farmers and rural folk want us city folk to vote for Wagner.


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