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City Council candidate: Ric Gere

March 19, 2009

Name: Ric Gere

Occupation: I am employed by the City of Olathe, Municipal Services Department and also own and manage Hickory Creek located downtown Baldwin City

Years lived in Baldwin City: 7

Family: Wife- Angela, daughters – Rian and Alex

Political experience: Other than serving one year on the Board for Rainbow Preschool and working for local government the past ten years, I have no other political experience at this time.

1. What is the biggest economic challenge facing Baldwin City’s budget?

Building economic growth to the city to reduce the burden on each individual resident, while maintaining existing and future infrastructure and amenities that provide us all the quality of life.

2. How can the city save money during these tough economic times?

Spend wisely and as efficiently as possible to provide the residents of Baldwin the best value for each dollar.

3. What do you want to accomplish as a city council member, i.e. why are you running for office?

I have no specific agenda or project that I want to accomplish other than providing a great city for all of us to be proud to be residents of and call home. I am running to get involved and offer my abilities to look at the city as a whole and do what is best for Baldwin now and in the future.

4. Do you favor requiring the Baldwin School District to pay for improvements to Elm Street from 11th Street and extending Elm to Bullpup Drive as part of the project to build a new Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center?

The Baldwin School District should be responsible as any other developer of land for making the necessary street improvements along the proposed Elm Street to the extents of their property. This would include extending Elm Street from Bullpup drive as illustrated in the master plan.

5. Utility rates in Baldwin City are among the highest around, especially for electricity. Do you see any way to reduce those rates or at least stop their spiral upward?

For the city to be able to reduce the rates, we must encourage controlled growth into our city to spread out the costs to more customers.


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