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Letter to the editor

March 5, 2009

To the editor,

We hope the election on April 7 will see a large number of voters who have given sufficient thought to the person we want to represent and lead Baldwin City as mayor for the next four years. Our choice for this position is Ken Wagner and here are some of the reasons for that choice.

Ken has proven, in word and action, his support for many Baldwin City organizations and activities, including the Maple Leaf Festival. He knows the importance of the money it raises for local non-profit organizations. He has supported the activities of the Baldwin Community Arts Council, knowing it provides scholarships to local students. He has always championed the Lumberyard Arts Center project, which he believes can be a cornerstone for the continued development of our downtown. He is a supporter and fan of the Baldwin City Community Theater. All these organizations contribute to the vitality of our community.

We know he will require accountability for the decisions and actions of those he is charged to oversee and will provide needed direction for City departments. He is a man of integrity and is reasonable and thoughtful in his decision making. Ken has a vision for Baldwin City government which is supportive of businesses, holds the line on taxes and utility costs and will reduce unnecessary spending.

In short, we are confident that Ken has the proven track record to provide quality leadership and oversight through the coming four years. Voting is a precious privilege and a right we too often take for granted. While some decide not to vote at all, others squander their vote by taking lightly the quality of the choices we're given. We hope Baldwin City citizens will vote this time for the right reasons and choose Ken Wagner.

J.T. and Sandy Cardens

Baldwin City


123456 9 years, 2 months ago

It's common knowledge that Ken is a successful businessman and that is what we need to lead Baldwin in these hard times. If Ken ran his businesses like Baldwin has been ran the last four years he would have been out of business long time ago.


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