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Bond issue work starts to heat up around town

Dirt work at the new ball fields south of Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center was in full gear this week. Rain has slowed the progress this summer thus far.

Dirt work at the new ball fields south of Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center was in full gear this week. Rain has slowed the progress this summer thus far.

June 25, 2009

While weather has hampered dirt work for the new ball fields, work crews have continued remodeling Baldwin Junior High School’s corridors.

The first two projects of the $22.9 million bond issue passed in November are underway. Supt. Paul Dorathy gave the Baldwin School Board a quick update at Monday night’s meeting.

“Those are the areas that are moving along right now,” Dorathy said. “The more days we have without rain, the quicker they can move along on the ball fields. They’ve been held up for a while because of rain. Yet, they’ve done quite a bit of dirt work out there. There has also been a lot accomplished inside the junior high and, of course, none of that is being slowed up by weather. They’ve been moving along pretty rapidly inside the building.”

Renovations at BJHS are on a tight schedule, as they must be completed before classes begin in August. Dorathy reported all of the ceiling tiles have been removed from the building and crews are working on bundling the wires in the ceilings.

At the June 1 meeting, the school board unanimously approved an extra bid to clean the ductwork in BJHS. The bid was for $18,950 and was recommended by Gabe Henshaw of Manning Construction, who was hired by the district for the bond issue projects.

“If there was ever a time to improve your indoor air quality, the time is now,” said Henshaw “This will be the cheapest time and the most convenient. I recommend that you approve it now.”

Meanwhile, dirt work continues south of Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center. The area for the new ball fields has been fenced off and work has begun.

The other topic Monday night centered around using geothermal energy in the new Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center. The topic came up last meeting, but Henshaw reported to Dorathy that it might not be feasible for the district.

“Basically, the answer we got back on the geothermal possibility had two concerns,” Dorathy said. “One was the high dollar cost, which they estimated up to $800,000 more to add that. Also, it would push our timeline back by two to three months, at least. Right now, I’m not sure the board is in favor of moving forward with doing that, because it would push our timeline back and we’d have to take that money out of the rest of the project to pay for the geothermal system.”

However, Manning Construction and the DLR Group are working to make the building more “green” than most schools. They will be using efficient energy systems, more day-lighting in the building and a reflective roof.

“They are putting quite a few things in there to make it more green, than what a normal school might be,” Dorathy said.

The new BESPC and performing arts center are both in the design phases. Both projects are scheduled for bids during July or early August.

“Both of those should be here soon,” Dorathy said. “The early childhood center should be bid a few weeks before the performing arts center. I expect we will approve those bids at the August meeting, unless we call a special meeting to order.”


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