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Currie enjoys first BJHS team football camp

July 23, 2009

Although numbers were slightly less than expected, Bench Currie thought the first team camp with his Baldwin Junior High School football team was beneficial.

Currie’s camp began with 29 players July 13. By the time it finished Friday morning, fewer campers were participating. Despite the small attendance, the first-year BJHS head coach enjoyed the week.

“I would have liked to see a few more kids out,” Currie said. “It’s hard during the summer, because they have family vacations or other things going on. I understand that. It seemed like they were excited and that’s what it’s all about. We want them to have fun and work together as a team. We are trying to merge our program with the high school to make them one program.”

He also said the high school football staff helped him with the camp last week and without them, the camp wouldn’t have happened.

“Mike (Berg) helped me out a lot,” Currie said. “I thank him for a lot of the camp’s success. Now I’m pretty much learning as the kids are, since we’re putting in a new offense. I’m picking it up as fast as I can. A couple of the high school coaches showed up and helped. I’m very appreciative of those guys.”

For the first four days of camp, the Bulldogs learned the basics of the game, along with their offensive and defensive schemes.

On July 13 and 15, the Bulldogs worked on offense. That ranged from team drills to individual skills. They worked on defense July 14 and 16. The final day of camp was spent reviewing the week and playing “hog ball,” which has become a popular finale for the Baldwin High School team football camp.

“I thought it went well,” Currie said. “They really picked up the offense. It’s something that they haven’t really done yet. The seventh graders picked it up a bit better than the eighth graders, which was kind of surprising. We got a lot of our offense in and most of our defense in, too. That should help a lot once we start practice.

“We don’t have to dumb much of this down for the kids,” he said. “They are picking it up really fast. I am surprised how fast they are picking it up, which is a great thing. They are excited about the upcoming season.”

The Bulldogs begin practice Aug. 17, but their first game isn’t until September. The eighth graders will be coming off three straight undefeated seasons. Currie knows that squad will face high expectations, but he believes they can handle those just fine.

“I know the eighth graders went undefeated last year so there will be some high expectations with that group,” he said. “I think they are going to do really well. Some of those kids weren’t there, but I’m hoping we pick up a few more once we have enrollment or practice starts.”

Although the season doesn’t begin for a few weeks, Currie is ready to take on his new duty with the BJHS teams.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Currie said. “I know it will be different. I did help coach the high school team, but I was asked to take this job, so I’m doing it. I am excited for the season and making sure the kids enjoy football.”


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