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Incumbents are unopposed for school board

January 29, 2009

It’s official — no new candidates are running for the three open spots on the Baldwin School Board.

The only three names on the ballot will be the trio of incumbents. They are Ande Parks, Bill Busby and Ruth Barkley. All three will finish their first four-year terms this year.

While only the incumbents officially filed for the school board positions, they still must win the April election.

“It will be nice to have some continuity on the board with some of our upcoming projects,” Supt. Paul Dorathy said. “It will be a good thing. We will be able to keep the same frame of mind we’ve had on those projects. I do appreciate all of their time and efforts on the board. I also appreciate them filing for re-election.”

Parks wasn’t exactly certain a lack of interest in the school board was a good thing, although he does enjoy the board members he currently works with.

“Of course, I like my fellow board members and I think they’ve done a good job,” Parks said. “On the other hand, and this goes for me as well, it’s great when our whole community is passionate about and involved in the schools. So people filing would be a good thing. I’m not sure if I take people not filing as they think we’re doing a great job or they’re looking at the state budget and saying there’s no way I’m getting near that thing.”

During the past month, Busby said he wasn’t sure if he would run for election again. If any of the three board members had not filed and no one else filed for their spot, that position would be decided by write-in votes. That person would have to accept the nomination to officially be the winner.

The board members all have slightly different reasons for running again. Parks said his reasons for filing haven’t changed since he first ran four years ago.

“It’s the same thing that made me run in the first place,” Parks said. “My family and I really enjoy living here and I honestly feel that we should contribute to the community some how. This is where my passions lie and my whole family is behind it. So I wanted to keep going.

“There are also some things that I’ve started to work on as a board member that I’d like to see through,” he said. “The facilities process is ongoing. I’m proud of what we accomplished with negotiations last year. There are a few things I’d like to continue.”

Barkley’s reasons were similar to Parks’.

“I’m anxious to finish some things we’ve started,” she said. “I think the continuity of the board is important at this time. We have a good dynamic and a diverse group.”

The election will take place April 7.


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