New look for Signal offers new features

February 5, 2009

Welcome to the new and improved Baldwin City Signal. We hope you like it. We do.

As you’ve already seen and will continue to as you flip through the tall tab’s inaugural 24-page issue, there are a host of new features, as well as old standbys. While it’s new, it still contains what you’ve come to expect from the Signal over the last 10 years.

We’re hoping you like the new features as much as we do. From the beginning, with “5 Questions,” “Baldwin City By the Numbers” and the “Seven-Day Weather Outlook,” there’s already a different feel to the Signal. The opinion page, “Voices,” is different. You may not have made it to one of my new favorites yet. It’s “Our Town,” which is on page 18. “Baldwin City Scene” and “Neighbors” bring the community even closer to all of us.

There are numerous new online items, including “This Week’s Question” and a preview of what’s available at that also appears on page 2. The new Signal is designed to work even more closely with our award-winning Web site than it did in the past.

Yes, the Signal is smaller in size, but it’s much bigger in content. There hasn’t been anything lost. Instead there’s more. And that will continue. The print version of the paper, called the tall tab, brings a more vibrant, crisper product to your doorstep and it’s an industry trend. All of our sister weekly papers have moved to it, too. The Chicago Tribune introduced its version last week and it was met with rave reviews. We think ours will be, too.

There are cost savings with the new paper that also coincide with the “green” movement everyone is moving to. Fewer trees will have to die to bring the print product to you every week. But it will still be there.

This change wasn’t done lightly. There have been months of work put into it, most notably by Bob Nordyke, our group news director. He’s spent countless hours designing and refining the pages you’re seeing. There’s a reason for everything you see — the new elements, the new features and everything else. He has done his homework through readership studies and any other research that’s done in our industry.

We’re doing what our readers say they want. That’s what we want, too.

The Signal, through the print and online versions, will be more interactive with our readers. We want to provide you with what you want. Let us know what your “5 Questions” around town are. Tell us who your “Neighbors” are. Submit your photos for “Baldwin City Scene.” Participate in the online questions and chats that will become mainstays.

We’ve been moving that way for a while. We’ve had commuter forecast video on the Web site for several weeks. We’ll have more video. We’ll have more photo galleries. We’ll have more of everything you want.

While our stories may be shorter, they won’t be short on news. We’ll be doing more short stories, rather than longer. And, above all, we will continue to report all of the news in and around Baldwin City. That won’t change. In fact, we’ll be utilizing the Web page for even more news.

Yes, the Signal has changed. Most everything is changing these days and that’s a good thing. We hope you like it.

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