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Sewer project will be cheaper than projected

December 24, 2009

Phase 2 of the relief sewer project got the green light at Monday’s Baldwin City Council meeting … and at a good price.

The council approved the low bid by Meadows Construction of Tonganoxie for $589,082.40. That was well under the project engineer’s estimate of $726,909.50. But that’s how the whole project has gone. Phase 1 and 2 were expected to cost $1,659.825, for which the city obtained a loan from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to do several years ago, but instead will cost $1,192,485.40, a 28 percent savings.

City Administrator Jeff Dingman was pleased with lower costs. The project replaces sewer line from FireTree Estates to the wastewater treatment plant and does away with the need for the lift station currently in the subdivision.

“It will eliminate the need for the lift station in FireTree, which will be good,” said Dingman.

Phase 1 of the project brought new sewer line from the plant to High Street south of 11th Street. Phase 2 brings that line up 11th Street to Baker Street, then to 10th Street and north to FireTree.

Dingman isn’t sure when the project will start, but knows a time-consuming part of it will be going underneath U.S. Highway 56.

“They’ve got a pretty good bore to do underneath the highway,” he said. “They probably won’t start until after the first of the year.”

The work along the streets will be in the right of way and shouldn’t affect traffic too much, he said.

The council approved the bid unanimously in the only action item of the night. That included no action taken after a 30-minute executive session to discuss personnel.


Peabody 8 years, 5 months ago

A savings of 28% on this project is good news for all of us! Congratulations to City Administrator Jeff Dingman and the members of the city council on these cost savings.

I hope the rest of the online community will join me in celebrating the savings on this much needed project. We jump on local government officials quickly when they do something with which we disagree. Perhaps we should be just as quick to acknowlege them for doing something with which we agree.



BaldwinDad 8 years, 5 months ago

Not to rain on your parade there Tony, but the savings has more to do with the Depression we are in and the fact that Construction companies can't find work with the collapse of the Housing Market bubble. The City had really nothing to do with the costs saving involved here.

I would have been more impressed if we would have never had to pay for this in first place since the real cost of this should have been calculated into the cost of zoning and permits for the Fire Tree Estates, but perhaps it's just me and I don't look at Government with the same rose colored glasses that you do.


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