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Letter to the editor

December 24, 2009

To the editor:

Last Sunday night I decided to go to “Open Gym” and play basketball at Baldwin High School. When I pulled in at 6:15 p.m., I saw only one car in the parking lot. I went inside to find two junior high kids and the supervisor getting ready to leave. The supervisor said to me…”there hadn’t been more than two or three people here in more than four weeks.” Just two short years ago, Sunday Night Open Gym was a vibrant destination where there would be between 40 and 60 adults and kids on any given Sunday evening. There would be recreation league coaches bringing their teams to practice. An occasional group of moms would play three on three or four on four. Every now and then there were volleyball players practicing. Every basket was down and the space in the gym was being used. The ages ranged from 8 to over 50.

I find it a bit interesting the correlation between open gym and some of the things happening with our community, state and country, for that matter. It seems when you misplace the authority over a program, i.e. open gym, healthcare, welfare, it is either a miserable failure or it dissolves from poor management or lack of enthusiasm. Usually there is a personal agenda or there is money involved. Does the recent sales tax issue come to mind?

When you have true conviction that what you are doing is to truly benefit others and not yourself or particular group, the program will sustain itself without much interference. From this Baldwin School District patron’s point of view…it’s sad to see the gym not being fully utilized in a way that kids and people of this community could get exercise they so desperately need.

Mike Everett

Baldwin City


TheOnlyGreyghost 8 years, 4 months ago

Let's see what random sh** we can blame on Obama and all who voted for him or for any local progress....

I know--let's blame them for all the locals sitting around catatonic, watching HeeHaw reruns instead of playing basketball over at the school.

No logical connection (much less cause & effect), but that never stops us wingnuts! Hey, has anybody seen my tinfoil hat? I need to string some lights on it and make it festive for Jeeeesus!


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