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Letters to the Editor

August 20, 2009

To the editor:

This is an open letter to City Administrator Jeff Dingman, Mayor Ken Wagner and the voters of Baldwin City.

In response to the story “Sales tax a topic for city council” in the Baldwin City Signal Aug. 9, we are taxed enough already. Make the Baldwin City Municipal Pool be a self-supporting venture. The pool is a nice place for children and adults to go relax, cool off on a hot day. That’s a good thing. But make it self-supporting. Raise the daily-use fees to cover the cost of operation and maintenance. If that does not cover costs, shut it down.

We are working-class people who are not employed by government or education and we live within our means. We want the City of Baldwin City to do the same.

Just because the residents of Lawrence voted to increase their sales tax to support the little-used bus system doesn’t mean we need to raise our sales tax to match them.

Our property taxes are high already and going up soon to support the new school bond issue. Electric and water rates are going up and the personal property taxes on our older automobiles are ridiculously high.

Mr. Dingman, what about cutting spending? We don’t hear much about cutting spending, just devising different ways to raise taxes and spend more of our money. Tax and spend, just like what we are hearing from the Washington politicians.

We cut back, make do, live within our means, “Act our Wage,” and we expect our city fathers to do the same. No new taxes.

If and when the sales tax issue does come before the voters, we urge all to vote “no” on sales tax increases. We are taxed enough already.

Michael Davis

Patricia Davis

Baldwin City

To the editor:

I wish to extend a warm thank you to Shelly McKaig, better known as the Lunch Bug Lady. All summer long, Miss Shelly and her beautiful daughter Shaefer, have made healthy and delicious lunches for everyone and the lunches have been free. In these hard economic times, it was so nice this summer to have some activity my kids wanted to do that I could say yes to.

Thank you, Miss Shelly and Shaefer, for feeding our tummies and feeding our hearts. Your kindness has meant a lot to us and you are a valuable part of our community.

Janet Morgenstern

Baldwin City


beevo 8 years, 8 months ago

Sorry, Michael and Patricia, but our Baldwin City fathers & it’s administrator, Jeff Dingman, want you and the rest of us to pay dearly for the honor of living here in “Good old in Baldwin City“.


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